Another Day in the Snow

It is a cold and snowy one here today.  We are under a winter storm warning and have definitely got the snow that they predicted but it’s only starting to get cold.  We are expected to reach -26 Celsius by Sunday, plus a windchill on top.  Pretty normal for February in Saskatchewan.

The Hubs bought this ridiculous pillow, called a Yogibo.  It’s basically a giant beanbag and it has caused war in our house.  The kids have taken to using it as a landing pad for when they launch off the couch.  They love playing with it but we are terrified that it’s going to explode and there will be pellets everywhere.  This leads to an outstanding amount of yelling to STOP JUMPING ON THE PILLOW!!!

Today for supper we are going to have Just Chicken Soup from the Company’s Coming cookbook.  It’s like regular chicken soup but you blend all the veggies up and have the chicken and noodles left whole.  It’s a new recipe for us so we’ll see how it turns out.

Not too much else to talk about today.  I have something I want to share but it’s a lot more personal than I’ve been on the blog before and I’m scared to share.  Maybe soon I’ll work up the courage.


What’s Been Happening…..Just A Mess

Good Day Everyone,

Not that it has anything to do with my boxes but the weather here has been insane.  We went from minus 33 to plus 1 in 24 hours.  Now we have more snow again and some of our roads have been closed due to poor driving conditions.   I like snow and couldn’t imagine living somewhere without it but if it could just be snowy and hang out at around minus 10-15 for the duration of winter I would be happy!

We are in the last week of February (so soon to not have to spell that again for a year!), and I have a bunch of boxes yet to arrive.  I am waiting for Kiwi Crate(they had sent out an email saying they had a few issues and would be shipping really late this month), Phone Case Of The Month, Beauty Box 5, Dive Bar Shirt Club, Beauty Joy, Native Beauty Box, Avalai, Glossybox and Prudence and the Crow.  Nine boxes in four days????  I think early March will be getting it;s fair share.

In other box news….I had placed an order with Pick Your Plum, a daily deal site that has everything you could think of, for a grab box of girls clothes.  Even with shipping it was still a great deal and just from some of the stuff I had seen that they sell I knew it would be filled with cute things.  I placed my order in December and waited and waited and waited.  I sent them an email in January asking about it and they do not have tracking to Canada (such a silly thing but really common) so they asked me to give it a bit longer.  Last week I emailed them again saying guess what no box and they refunded me my payment with their apologies and told me to keep it  if it ever makes it here.

Last month I placed an order from Avalai as well.  They were so kind in that I had missed the shipping day by one day and so they sent me an email saying we’re so glad you’re trying us out we will ship you a box for this month anyways.  I was happy and glad they were so conscious of their customers. Unfortunately that box also has never shown up.  After an email exchange with them January’s payment was returned to me and they sent pictures of my next box being mailed out as proof they really did.

Finally this month I also received an email from Indulge Me Box.  March was to be their revamp month switching from a lifestyle box to more of a bath and body box.  However in the email they stated that they will no longer be shipping to my province and refunded me the remaining amount left in my subscription.  I am disappointed about this because I liked  this box and I was cautiously optimistic about the new way it was going to go.

I have a few reviews I hope to get posted coming up here in the next little while.  BarkBox is in, Lip Monthly, and Doodlebug Busy Bag, so you can look forward to those in the next few days.

Keep warm everyone!!!

Posts are Coming…..I Promise!

Hey everyone.  I know posts have been few and far between lately and I promise I am working on getting them back to being more regular.  Going back to work has taken up a huge chunk of my day….who knew right?…..and so my evenings have become a little more harried since supper, bath, and bedtime for the wee ones happens in a fairly quick succession once I get home.  I was planning to get things done after the girls were in bed but Bear has lately decided that sleep is only for the weak, so I’m crashing as soon as she goes to bed so that I can maybe get a little more sleep before she wakes again. In the last 77 hours I have had 12 hours of sleep.  I’m not sure what the breaking point is where my body simply shuts down but I’m hoping that we get this figured out and I can get beck to having a normal sleep schedule and posting schedule.  If anyone has any thoughts on how to get little ones to sleep I’m in desparate need of new tricks to try!!

Talk to you again soon….I swear!

Thoughts In My Head

I have no boxes to review and since I already gave you a list of boxes I’m hoping to have show up this week I thought I’d just do a post about things that are going on in my life.  I wish I could say this will be filled with the most interesting things you’ve ever read but my life just isn’t that full of fantasy.

The thing that has been most on my mind lately is the fact that my maternity leave is almost over.  In fact it’s so close to being over that in six days from today I will be back behind my desk covered in papers instead of on my couch covered in children.  I admit that there are days when having to be home with two kids who need my constant attention and help can be trying.  I crave nothing more then silence.  The continual and ever present noise that comes with kids and pets and sometimes even a husband drives me insane.  However if there was a way for me to be able to stay home with them and not work I would be more then happy to do it.  I’m lucky enough that my mom is willing and able to help out and watch them for me a few days a week when I do go back.  I know there are plenty of kids in daycare but beyond the outrageous cost of it, the thought of giving my girls over to someone else to raise makes me feel somewhat sick inside.  I’m not saying that it is a bad choice and I am aware there is no other choice for plenty of parents, but for me personally it’s not something I can do.

It’s also almost time to apply for PreK again for Bug.  Last year we tried and did not get in.  I think it was because we were still working on potty training, which was one of the questions asked,  but since we’ve got that mastered now I have hopes maybe this fall we might make it.  I’d be okay if she was turned down again since then she could still be my baby girl instead of a big girl who goes to school.  There are no playschools near us so this would be her first foray into a structured school setting.  She does go to a few activities like swimming and such where she needs to listen and behave away from Mom and Dad but since she likes learning I think she’d be happy in PreK.  We’ll see.

I have also been toying with the idea of trying to lose a bit of weight.  I am fortunate (or not) to have a body type that allows me to carry a fair bit before looking heavy.  I am now past that point after two kidlets and really not watching what went into my mouth for the last however many years.  It’s a weird thing that happens in my head in that I seem to not really be aware of how much I weigh.  When I look in the mirror, I feel much thinner then I am, so it’s a shock when I see a picture of myself and recoil in horror, shocked that that person is me.  I think I have hit a point where I can commit to changing some of my bad snacking habits and general overeating.  I have lost weight in the past but I was trying to regain confidence in myself then to leave a situation that was making me unhappy.  It was a pretty strong motivator and since that is not in play right now, it’ll have to come down to willpower.  I still think I’m the thin sexy beast I was, so I just need to make the outside match the inside. How hard can that be right???

Well that’s all I’ve got for now.  Hopefully some boxes show up today and you won’t be subjected to more of my random ramblings.  If you have any thought on how to boost willpower or things that  have worked for you please feel free to share!

Stay warm!