Another Day in the Snow

It is a cold and snowy one here today.  We are under a winter storm warning and have definitely got the snow that they predicted but it’s only starting to get cold.  We are expected to reach -26 Celsius by Sunday, plus a windchill on top.  Pretty normal for February in Saskatchewan.

The Hubs bought this ridiculous pillow, called a Yogibo.  It’s basically a giant beanbag and it has caused war in our house.  The kids have taken to using it as a landing pad for when they launch off the couch.  They love playing with it but we are terrified that it’s going to explode and there will be pellets everywhere.  This leads to an outstanding amount of yelling to STOP JUMPING ON THE PILLOW!!!

Today for supper we are going to have Just Chicken Soup from the Company’s Coming cookbook.  It’s like regular chicken soup but you blend all the veggies up and have the chicken and noodles left whole.  It’s a new recipe for us so we’ll see how it turns out.

Not too much else to talk about today.  I have something I want to share but it’s a lot more personal than I’ve been on the blog before and I’m scared to share.  Maybe soon I’ll work up the courage.


So…..January Has Been Slow

Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve all recovered from the holidays and that you got to spend some time with people who mean something to you.  I was going to say family but then I realised that for some, family is not who we would choose to hang out with voluntarily.  We had family from both sides down for a few days and it was great!  The girls had a blast and even though we are back to regular life again Bug is still asking when we can put the Christmas tree back up.  She also asks when Winter will be over and is not to happy when I say about 100 sleeps.  Yesterday Bug had to go to the hospital for an ABR with anesthetic.  If you don’t know that is an Automatic Brain Response test.  She had been tested for her hearing since birth, as is standard now, and has always just missed passing those tests.  SInce I have hearing loss as well they decided to do this test just to rule out any serious issues.  The scary part of course is that she has to be put under for the test to be done.  We have been very lucky in that both of our girls have had no serious medical issues so this was the first big thing we’ve had to go to the hospital for.  Thankfully everything  went well and the tests were normal so Bug is back at school today and probably telling everyone that she got 2 popsicles and a ride in a bed with wheels!  I asked her if there was any part of the day that was bad, considering we were there for 8.5 hours, and she said no, it was all fun and good.  I think that says a lot about the nurses and doctors that we interacted with and even those that were just walking by but gave her a wave or a quick chat.  I know there are times when our medical system doesn’t work smoothly or the wait times can be long but I have yet to leave the hospital after something for myself and now the kids without being grateful to the staff and the system.

In box news, there has been none.  As you might have noticed from the lack of posts.  I have received three boxes so far this month and that leaves 12 to arrive.  Hopefully this week I will get LookFantastic, Little Life Box, and Topbox. I do have a couple of new boxes I signed up for to come but since I’ve never received them before I don’t know if they are a middle of the month one or closer to the end.  I’m starting to get amil withdrawal!  Having done a bunch of my Christmas shopping online, not getting something everyday in December has spoiled me for mail delivery.  I’m sure my mailman is happier without the load but I’m really hoping for something soon!

Take Care All!!

Prairie Lily

Posts are Coming…..I Promise!

Hey everyone.  I know posts have been few and far between lately and I promise I am working on getting them back to being more regular.  Going back to work has taken up a huge chunk of my day….who knew right?…..and so my evenings have become a little more harried since supper, bath, and bedtime for the wee ones happens in a fairly quick succession once I get home.  I was planning to get things done after the girls were in bed but Bear has lately decided that sleep is only for the weak, so I’m crashing as soon as she goes to bed so that I can maybe get a little more sleep before she wakes again. In the last 77 hours I have had 12 hours of sleep.  I’m not sure what the breaking point is where my body simply shuts down but I’m hoping that we get this figured out and I can get beck to having a normal sleep schedule and posting schedule.  If anyone has any thoughts on how to get little ones to sleep I’m in desparate need of new tricks to try!!

Talk to you again soon….I swear!

Advent Calendar Day 4

Sooooo, life got in the way again and I never did manage to get to my Black Friday deals yesterday. I promise they are coming, really truly I do. Instead here are day 4’s products from the beauty calendars.

From Benefit I received,


Stay Don’t Stray Primer.  Today’s words just told me what to do with it…”360-degree eye primer”.

The Body Shop gave me,


Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel. They told me “A new day is a new chance, do something amazing”.  I needed that bit of encouragement.  I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done but nothing is wrapped and I’m feeling a bit stressed with my return to work date approaching, the holidays in general, and needing to get my life a little better organized instead of simply following my girls needs as a day planner.

I think today the shower gel takes it.  I like primers but more of the whole face type then just eye.  Body Shop could have mixed it up though with the holiday scents as they do have two more limited edition ones, but I’m sure they’re in there somewhere.

Come on back tomorrow to see if I’ve managed to get something done or if you get treated to just the calendars again!

Advent Calendars Day 3

Hey everyone, just a short post today as I haven’t received some November boxes yet so no new surprises to open.  I did get one of my Black Friday purchases yesterday but it came late in the day and I had activities with Bug so I never managed to photo everything, but rest assured it should be up tomorrow (fingers crossed).

However I do have today’s treats from the advent calendars so here we go!

From the Benefit calendar I got…..


They’re Real Beyond Mascara and the message to “Flash some Lash!”

The Body Shop gave me…


Frosted Cranberry Soap and the message “Show a friend you care and see them smile”.  Not sure if that is a thinly veiled hint to gift this soap or not but I’m going with no. Sorry Santa.

Benefit wins again today but only by a small margin, shaped soaps are pretty high up my list of liked things.

See you tomorrow for a Mystery Box opening and more calendar treats!

Impatiently Waiting……

I have gone a bit overboard with ordering boxes. I am now subscribed to a bunch of different programs and am waiting and waiting for anything to show up. I have received shipping notifications for a few and am obsessively clicking the tracking links I’ve been sent. I think once I get into these boxes as opposed to having just begun I will be getting them  relatively evenly spaced through the month but for now it’s pure torture.  I am so excited to open them up and see what goodies I get!

As I mentioned in an earlier post I love makeup.  I was looking through my stash today and think that I should do some purging of the old as I get new.  I have a special affinity for lip products and at last count had over a hundred lip glosses.  Add to that lipsticks and lip balms and I need a drawer just for lip product.  I also have a combined drawer of eye, cheek and other product.  My least favorite product that looks like it will be included in the boxes is nail polish and I have a bunch of that too so I definitely need to update some product. In with the new out with the old!

As a way to deal with my impatience I have been surfing beauty blogs looking at what products others got and trying to contain myself from finding new boxes with stuff I will not be getting like food and stationary.  I really like stationary…….

Here’s hoping that I have something delightful on my mailbox tomorrow!!