Advent Calendars 2016

So I may have gone slightly overboard on Beauty Advent Calendars this year.  They are just so much fun and I love the surprise!  I was actively searching them out this year and while I found sooooo many, most were not shipping to Canada or would for more than the calendar was worth.  I have finally received all of them and now I will show you what I’ve received.  I will not be doing a daily post on what was in each one because honestly I just don’t have the time each day to make it happen but it I get a chance I’ll throw something up.  Enjoy!

20161112_150000 20161112_150017 20161112_150009

The Beauty Secret II by LookFantastic

I loved last years so much that I reserved this years in like April.  They don’t charge you for it until it ships but at least your name is on a list somewhere and you can get one before they sell out.  This calendar is huge!  If last year is anything to go on there will be some full sized items and lots of great samples.  This is one of the few that doesn’t have the product list on the back.

20161028_133818 20161028_133905 20161028_133854

W7 Countdown to Christmas

I had seen this one online and decided against it because it didn’t seem all that great.  Then I found it for $19.99 at Winners and really, how could I pass that up.  As you can see on the back, if I chose to look super close I would know exactly what is in there, just not what day for each one.  This is another British company like LookFantastic above.

20161014_125526 20161014_125533

Bomb Cosmetics Advent Calendar

I was stoked to find this one on Amazon!  I had looked at the actual site but it was way too much for me to justify.  These are soaps and bath products and this one smells great through the packaging.  Also from Britain.  I’m sensing a theme here……

20160930_141049 20160930_141124 20160930_141056

Sephora Advent Calendar

Hey one that actually came from Canada!   This is full of Sephora brand products and it could be makeup, bath, or accesoories.  Once again I am not looking at the back and have no idea what I will find inside.

20160930_141145 20160930_141219 20160930_141158

Decleor Paris Advent Calendar

I found this one on the LookFantastic website and I have almost no clue what it will be.  Their tag line says Skin Body Mind but that doesn’t tell me anything really.  This is quite a big box and I’m thinking it will be filled with lovely treats just for me.

20161004_141543 20161004_141559

Asos Beauty Calendar

This is one I found from an American site.  It looks like it will be a mix of plenty of brands that I know and others that I’ve heard of but never tried.  It is another one that is huge and takes up a ton of space but that just means bigger things inside!

20161011_141108 20161011_141115

Mad Beauty 12 Days of Christmas

This was also from the Asos site.  It was under $20.00 and that made it a no brainer.  It is super cute and fun and festive and I am now stuck with do I start it on the first of December or the twelfth?

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Beauty Advent Calendar

They had two calendar options this year but I just went with the regular instead of the deluxe.  I like that it’s filled with the limited edition seasonal scents and I use the travel sizes all the time in the summer.  Yay Body Shop!


Advent Calendars Day 23,24,25

Well Christmas happened and I had a bunch of other things I needed to try to finish before Santa arrived and getting this post up was not part of them. I hope you all had a great holiday and that you received whatever was on your list.  Here are the last few days worth of things that my calendars handed out to me!


Day 23 started out with Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion from LookFantastic.  This cream gives you a quick reduction of lines and wrinkles so you can be smooth and youthful for whatever your plans are.


The FaceShop sent a Sparkling Wine Face Mask.  This one adds resilience to your skin.  There has been quite a selection of masks out of this one and I am not going to complain about it at all.  I love using them and the fact that all of these ones are the paper kind you wear makes them fun too.


Last up on this day was Selfridges and an Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black.  I am really starting to like this type of liquid eyeliner.  They are basically just a felt marker and go on easily, smoothly, and with no mess.  The fact that it gives a great line is just a bonus for me after all that.


Day 24 was the last day for both Selfridges and The FaceShop.  Selfridges was up first and they gave me Cowshead Gorgeous Cow Blissful Body Lotion.  This blend of scents is supposed to revive the mind and restore balance.  It does smell nice and during this crazy week I can use all the balance and soothing that can be provided by any means.  It absorbs really fast and I didn’t feel greasy or heavy after using it.


LookFantastic went back to a favorite brand and  sent Nuxe Face Cleansing And Make-up Removing Gel.  The Nuxe products always smell great and contain honey as one of the things that makes them work.  This is the first time I’ve received a cleanser from them and I think it’ll be just as good as their oil and lotions I’ve tried.


The last thing FaceShop gave was an Eyelash Curler. I hate these things and I never use them and I think I now have four of them.  I know it’s just me but I never have the time or inclination to ever put one of these on my lashes.  I don’t notice to much of a difference and really can’t be bothered.


LookFantastic had a bonus day for the 25th and this is what was inside, Tangle Teaser Professional Detangling Brush.  This will be great for the girls.  I am used to just pulling through my knots so I don’t worry about it but Bug especially hates having them pulled out so with a bit of spray and this it should become less of a struggle.


Advent Calendars Day 18

Well it’s another crazy day here but I’m getting things done and getting through a few dvr’d shows before I run out of room on there.  I opened up the doors marked 18 today and let’s see what was behind them.


The FaceShop had a Blackhead Out Aloe Nose Strip.  I used the charcoal one they sent a few days ago and this one will be used soon too!  I just love these things.  I know it’s kinda gross but seeing all the stuff they pull out is so satisfying.


LookFantastic went with Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic.  This is a spray that you apply that reduces redness and adds calm to you.  It seems really strongly scented at first but within a couple of seconds you don’t even notice it anymore.  I don’t normally have too much redness to worry about but can use calm in my life all the time.


Lastly today we have Eyeko Black Magic Eyeliner from Selfridges. This makes a very fine line and while it is a bit smudgy it seems to have some staying power.  I’ve used other Eyeko products and like them so this one will be no different I’m sure.


Advent Calendars Day 17

Well it is evening but it is the correct day so that’s excellent.  I’m almost on holidays and getting excited for Xmas and these little gifts on the way just keep that up.


First up today we have Selfridges and and provided Ole Henrikson Truth Serum.  This is an all skin types collagen booster and vitamin c complex.  I for some reason tend to have a little bit of a reaction to vitamin c serums.  The two other ones I’ve tried cause me to get hives and then my skin just turns all flaky and dry.  I will do a tensy little test patch of this one before I go full face and hope for the best.


The FaceShop went back to some makeup today and gave me Freshian Volumizing Mascara.  This is full sized and black so that makes it perfect.


Just because that’s the way life works LookFantastic also sent a mascara.  Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume Flash in Black.  I really do have enough mascara now to get me through a year but I enjoy Rimmel makeup and am happy with this.


Advent Calendars Day 16

I’m trying to get this up and out before my Hubs heads out for the evening and leaves me with two wired little children.  Today was a pretty good day and I was feeling good about what I would find behind the doors.


First up today was The FaceShop and they have given me a BeBe Lip Mask.  This is a gel mask that helps out chapped lips and restores softness to them.  I have used a Korean lip mask before and I’m sure my husband loved it since I was unable to talk for the 15 minutes it was on.


In the Sefridges calendar I found DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.  I have never used an oil cleanser before but you apparently pour some onto you hands then rub it into your dry skin and it removes makeup and dirt as you rinse it off.


From LookFantastic there was a tube of mystery.  Inside the tube was Magnifibres Treatment Primer.  This is a triple effect item that primes, creates longer lashes, and makes them feel thicker and silkier.  I never seem to remember to put the one of these I have on each day but I just need to make it a habit and get magnificent lashes.

Advent Calendar Day 15

Well the day didn’t go as planned and so once again I am getting this post out in the evening.  Let’s call it a win that it’s the right day.


LookFantastic was our first calendar today and they have given me Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask.  This is actually a hair mask not a face mask.  You wash as normal, rub this in, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse.  It promises to give you smooth, protected, and luxurious hair.  Good start to the day.


Selfridges has opened to reveal Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.  They send medium beige and it is maybe just a touch to dark for my skintone.  If I really take the time and effort to blend it in I can just pull it off.  It is not as thick as some concealers, which I like.  I’d rather have a bit of looseness that I can work with then something thick and stiff. At least when we’re talking makeup…. ;).


Last up today was The FaceShop and they gave m e Smoky Smoky Eyelashes.  I managed to be successful in applying and wearing a pair of falsies to my Xmas party a few days ago so I am even more stoked to get these today.  Would it be wrong to just wear them everyday???

Have a great evening all!!

Advent Calendars Day 12,13, and 14

Okay I guess it’s official, I suck at getting these posts up and out on time.  I have had a few crazy days and late nights and as a result I have gained a pile of items on my counter that need to be documented on here.  I swear I am out of things to do, besides regular life, and I will be able to get through the last 10 days.

Day 12


This is from Selfridges and it is Eve Lom Cleanser.  This is one of the more involved cleansers I’ve received.  It’s fairly solid in the jar and you need to rub it between your hands until it warms up.  Then you apply it and rub it in.  After that you put a warm cloth over it and wait.  Then you rinse it off and make the cloth cold and put it back on your face to close your pores.  I don’t know if I have that kind of time in the mornings.


The FaceShop has sent a nail polish, Trendy Nails Basic Original.  There is no name of the colour but as you can see it’s red.  Two coats gave me a pure red colour and while I don’t choose to do my nails red often I do think it’s a great choice for toes.


LookFantastic opened up to Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist.  You spray this on your face or hands and then pat it into your skin.  It is very rose scented as expected but it absorbed so quick that you never felt it dripping or leaking on your face.

Day 13


First up this time is The FaceShop and their Collagen Pomegranate Pack.  This is a cream you put on your face just before bed.  This helps to improve elasticity.  This smells so good I will gladly put it on every night.


Next was LookFantastic and Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream.  This not only heals hands, it makes them smooth and soft.  It says it is fragranced with orange pulp but it doesn’t really smell all that citrusy.  Still nice though.


Last yesterday was James Read Gradual Tan Day Tan SPF 15 Face.  Upper class British people must like being tanned.  This is not the first tanning item I have received.  This is a self tanning lotion.  You apply it and gradually get a darker, hopefully natural looking, tan on your face and neck.  I have never used any type of tanner so when I give this a go I can only hope I get it right.

Day 14


The FaceShop really has quite a few masks and patches and strips.  This is a Spot Clear Intensive Patch.  From the instructions I gather this is not something you want to use right before a big date.  You put this patch over your blemish and leave it on for 6-12 hours. HOURS!  I hope after all that it is gone because that is quite the commitment to a hope and a prayer.


This is the cutest little Beauty Blender I have ever seen!!!!  I love that Selfridges included the full sized blender cleaner with it.  I have a regular sized one and use it daily but this one is so little I guess maybe concealer?


Finally after three days the last item out of the LookFantastic calendar is Monuspa Relaxing Bali Massage & Body Oil.  If you have a willing partner you can use this as a massage oil.  Since that will probably never happen here (sorry honey but you know it’s the truth), you can also use it as a bath and shower oil.  This is made to relax your muscles and helps soothe your skin.


Advent Calendars Day 10 And 11

My bad…..I simply did not have any time yesterday to get a post up.  I was feeling crappy when I got home from work and we had Bug’s Christmas Concert and then by the time we got the girls to sleep, I wanted nothing more than my bed as well.  I am so exhausted and angry lately that I really want nothing more then an hour alone to do nothing and that is just not going to happen any time in the foreseeable future. Enough of my whining, lets see what was in these boxes.


Selfridges gave me Merci Handy New Wave Love & Hand Cleansing Gel.  These are always useful to have around and this one smells good too.


The FaceShop provided Herb Day Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Wipes.  Another great thing to have around and I use remover wipes a few days a week when I can’t be bothered to actually wash my face.


LookFantastic has actually given me some makeup, which has been a little bit in short supply lately it seems.  This is Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil in Satan.  Maybe not the most Christmassy of names but it is nice to apply.  It glided on smoothly and while I think I might be over red lips right now, it is a true red colour.


Today LookFantastic gave me a set of lashes.  These are Eyelure Lengthening lashes.  The come with the adhesive and an applicator.  Maybe that is what I’ve been missing in my attempts to wear falsies.  I now have a few sets of these and I swear I will figure it out one of these days.


The FaceShop opened up to reveal Color Hair Bands.  These are those no tangle bands but they always seem to require me to cut them out of my hair.  I use them to secure the ends of my braids or in the girls hair since theirs is finer and less likely to get all wrapped around it.


Last up, Selfridges gave me Regenerate Enamel Science Advanced Toothpaste.  I can honestly say I never expected to get toothpaste in an advent calendar.  This one claims to actually reverse the erosion process.  I didn’t think that was possible but okay.  It is minty smelling at least.

I will try to be better at this.  Maybe I don’t really need as much sleep as I think I do.

Advent Calendar Day 9

So this week is crazy busy but I’m going to get these posts done!  We are on our way to a Christmas light display in a few minutes but I think I have enough time to get it up.


LookFantastic was up first today and they have provided Cult 51 Overnight Wonder Cream.  This is apparently magic and fantastic and all I know is that it stinks and I don’t really want to use it.  It is made for not just your face but your neck and decollete too.  You are supposed to see results in as little as fifteen minutes but since I haven’t tried it yet I don’t know if that’s true or not.


So since I said yesterday that only FaceShop was sending me tools, today Selfridges gave me a pair of tweezers.  These have a good slanted tip and close fully which is not always the case with some pairs.


Last up today was the FaceShop and they have sent a Milk Calcium Nail Pack.  This is like a mask for your hands.  They are a pair of paper gloves that are super moisturising and soften and smooth out your hands.  I have never seen anything like this before and I am a little weirded out by it but that is just own weird issues.


Advent Calendar Day 8

Woooo!! Day off means I get this up and posted first thing.  In fact I still have one sleeping baby so it’s nice and quiet here.  Let’s see what today has brought us in our Christmas countdown.


First up from LookFantastic we have Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Restoring Body Lotion.   This lotion uses extracts to deliver antioxidants and it’s good for all skin types.  This smells fantastic!  I just used it on my hands where it is a bit greasy feeling but if I had actually put it on my body where it should go I think it would be fine.  It did soak in after a few minutes.  I probably should mention too that LookFantastic sends you an email each day with a bit about your surprise and there is usually a deal attached for that brand if you want to purchase.


In Selfridges today we have James Read Enhance Tan Perfecting Enzyme Peel Mask.  You would normally use this before tanning to prep the skin.  You can also use it once you have that tan to keep your skin smooth. I don’t fake bake and it’s December in Saskatchewan so there is no sunbathing.  I’ll use it like a regular mask and I’m sure it’l be just fine.


Out of The FaceShop we get another tool, which is okay since no other calendar is giving me any.   The Mini Blusher Brush is a perfect size for your purse or bag.  The bristles are made from pony hair….I don’t think I’ve ever had a brush from that before.  I have a little brush like this that I use for my bronzer but it’s always nice to have spare brushes so that when the kids get hold of one and dunk it in the toilet it can be replaced stat.

Have a great day!!