Sunday Mood November 2017

Sunday Mood is a monthly box that includes a mix of indie brands, vegan beauty lines, all-natural bath & beauty products, handmade jewelry, cool niche household items, art, specialty teas, and healthy treats.  They offer two different sizes of box, a sample box that has 2-3 deluxe samples and 1 full-size item or the full-size box that contains 4-6 full-size products.  They are priced at $25 and $44 but do go down with longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $10 per box.  This is another one I picked up on Mother’s Day for 50% off or I would never have given it a go.  There was an additional Customs charge when it arrived, so that is something to keep in mind if you order.


The box felt heavy this month but opening left me thinking that it was a little scarce in items. Once again there is not an info card for the month.  There seems to be a bit of chatter online that there has been no response from customer service for people who have reached out and that the quality of the items has been dropping.  They are supposed to be all full sized products in the box and I know that I can say that that has not really been the case for a few months.  I really would like to get something that tells me about what I received personally.  I could forgive the lack of full sized items if I knew that what I was getting was worth it.


RoseVale Bath Bomb in Love-$2.69

This bath bomb smells very nice.  They are free of artificial colors and dyes and leave no residue in your tub.  I have been running very low on bath bombs and you can’t believe how happy this makes me.  I can only hope that Santa is reading my blog and brings me some for under the tree.


Freedom Natural Deodorant in Lavender Citrus-$17.00

Well, this was shockingly expensive.  It has a whole bunch of ingredients that make you feel good about wearing this.  It is also aluminum free, paraben free, phthalates free, and dye free.  The lavender comes through as the main scent and it goes on very dry and smooth.


Foxbrim Stretch Mark Oil-$13.95

This oil is formulated to heal stretch marks and scars using natural and organic ingredients.  It is cruelty-free and bottled in small batches.  I didn’t test this on my stretch marks yet but it feels nice on my hand.  It doesn’t leave me super shiny or greasy feeling even though it was definitely an oil that came out if the bottle.  It has almost no smell at all to it.


Numi Organic Pu-erh Chocolate Tea

Well, this month I only got two where last month I three so there’s a downer.  I still haven’t tried the other ones because I’m thinking I’m not going to enjoy them all that much.

I am just okay with the box this month. The items are fine but without a card or some idea of what I’m getting it’s a downer for me.  The value for this month is not available since I can’t identify parts of the box.  That is okay but I’d rather not have had the Customs fee on top.  If you go to check it out they do have a code on their site that says will get you some type of a discount upon checkout, but be aware of the issues that have been happening.

Rosalette Beauty Bag November 2017

Rosalette Beauty Bag is a monthly subscription that sends out makeup and beauty products.  They offer a few different plans, either 4 sample sized products or 5-6 products, mixed between sample and full sized.  Plans start at $13.90 a month and there are added shipping costs.  If you subscribe for a year there are discounts.  I have no beauty bags left in my sub rotation so I was on the lookout for a cheaper one to get me some fun things.  I chose the Deluxe Bag, which is the bigger of the two.  They do send out shipping notices so that’s nice and it turns out that they are a Canadian company too!!!!


This sub showed up later than it normally does so that is the reason this review is a little later than some of the other ones for this bag.  There was not a thank you card this month nor is there an info card.


Not Soap, Radio The Stuff That Cupid Dips His Arrows In…..-37.5mL $1.92

There are another six words in the name of this soap and that is just crazy.  This is body wash that has pheromone activation.  It is a blend of blackberries and vanilla cream and can be used as a body wash or bubble bath.  It says it can help you get either that one night stand you want or find a long lasting relationship because you are now in control of your romantic destiny.  Let’s hope the Hubs enjoys it then 🙂


Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner-$15.00

There are two sizes of this available and this is the large one.  This is also packaged in the old label, which it says on the website they’ve recently changed.  This is vanilla coconut cream flavoured and surprisingly doesn’t smell that good.  It feels amazing on my lips though.  It is very creamy and feels almost thick on my lips but in a good way.  I like this lip balm and the fact that it’s anti-aging as well is a bonus.  Oddly it does not have any SPF value.


Barefoot Venus Argan Dry Body Oil in Poppy Fairy-8mL $3.00

This is a repeat item from last month.  I know that sometimes there will be repeats but feel it’s bad form to give the exact same thing two in a row. This version of this oil is not on the website.  Also, all of the other scents that come in this size of the tube are out of stock. This was a bit odd to put on.  I guess I read dry oil and wasn’t expecting it to be an oil.  It is.  Once you rub it in though it doesn’t feel oily at all.  The smell is soft and feminine.


Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator-20g $10.00

I have already received this sample before in a Birchbox and an Ipsy box. However, I like this cleanser a lot so I am glad to get more.  This has a super fine scrub in it that really polishes your skin without being hard on it.  You are supposed to use it a few times a week but I went more and still had no issues.


Glow For A Cause Perfume in Wish-11g $16.00

This perfume solid is lovely.  It is a blend of light florals, white tea, bergamot, and light musks.  It is very feminine but the floral part is really light and I think this smells smart and somehow festive.  You can get this same scent in a vegan version of this solid or a roll-on.  I have received items from this brand before in this bag but not this product.

I am very happy with this box from them, even with the duplicate item. There is a great mix of beauty products and they’ve given me the makeup I’ve been missing from my other boxes.  The value of this month is $45.92.  That is great and so much higher than the price of the box.  The shipping was quick as well since they are Canadian and only a province over from me.  If you want to try them out they have a coupon that will get you 10% off any subscription, just type ROSALETTE at checkout.



Bitchy Box TOM November 2017

Bitchy Box is a TOM box with a difference.  They don’t provide feminine hygiene items, but instead items to help you get through that time of the month.  They will fill the box with a variety of sweet treats, salty snacks, and handpicked gifts.  They endeavor to make sure you don’t stab anyone while you are riding some fun hormonal shifts.  They have 3,6, or 12-month plans available, starting at $66.00, plus shipping to Canada.  I had seen some other people’s boxes from them and thought they looked fun so I’m trying them out.

Since American Thanksgiving is in November, most of the things I could see in this box reflected that.  They do a great job of matching the theme to the month if they can.

They include an info card that tells you the box name, “Let’s Get Ready to Gobble”, the items you will find inside, some recipes in the center, and info about the company on the back including all their social media links.

Harebrained “Menstralmania” Period Panties-$8.99

These are so cute!  The Ultimate Warrior was one of my favourite wrestlers back in the day and these are a perfect homage to him 🙂  There are still a few of the options I am hoping to get in the remaining months of this box but they are all really fun and great for more than just that time.


Cranberry Grape Natural Lip Balm-$3.28

This smells like wine and that makes it awesome!!!!  It feels almost thicker than a normal lip balm and it is creamier too.  It feels nice on the lips and that smell is wafting up from my mouth and I think this might be my favourite balm ever.


Turkey Leg Headband-$9.00~

So there is no way the people creating this box could have known this but I LOVE festive headgear.  I have ones for pretty much every holiday during the year.  This will join that elite group of things and be brought out once a year in all its glory.


Original Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Tin-$?

This is a cookie that is good for the next four months tucked into a decorative tin.  I will stick this into my snack drawer and have it with a cup of tea one night, all alone with no little people asking for a bite.

Nuccina Pumpkin Spice COokie Butter Dippers-$?

I am not a big fan of pumpkin spice anything.  I will give these a try but I don’t have all that much hope of liking them.  Maybe I can eat just the breadsticks with some peanut butter.


Mini Apple Pie-$?

This didn’t survive shipping from the States very well.  It definitely did arrive before the expiry date listed on it!  I think this is a little odd of an inclusion but it fits the theme perfectly and it’s fun.

This month had another great selection of things.  I think that they really nailed the theme this month!  Everything in the box is made to make you feel better and less worked up about things that may go on for this time of the month.  I am not bothering with a value this month as half the box I can’t possibly price.  It’s enough to know that I’m happy and love everything!

Mighty Fix November 2017

Mighty Fix is a monthly subscription that sends you one product a month that can help your family live healthier.  Boxes start at $10.00 per month and there is a slight discount for a yearly join.  Shipping to Canada is $3.00 per month and free to the US.  You also have the option to add any items from their shop to your order each month with no extra shipping fees.  They also send out emails with member-only deals on items all through the month.  This was another one I had really wanted to try but they’ve only recently opened up shipping to Canada.  Once I found that out I jumped on board to see what I could get that would make my life healthier and hopefully easier too.

I didn’t grab a picture of the package this month because they put the shipping labels all over the logos.  Inside the bag is this info card.  On the front, it tells you what item you are receiving and why the product qualifies as a meaningful change in your life.  On the back is either a recipe or some tips for the product each month.  This time it’s telling us why we should be using a chemical-free sunscreen and why sunscreen itself should always be part of your routine.


The sunscreen they are talking about is Goddess Garden Face The Day Facial Sunscreen and Firming Primer, $18.99.  I’m going to go with the description off the website as it gives a great list of why this product is awesome. “Face the Day is a three-in-one facial moisturizer, firming primer and sunscreen that protects, repairs and readies your skin for the day, in one easy-to-use product. It features a sheer and lightweight formula that hydrates, firms and protects your skin from the wrinkles, roughness and dark spots that come from daily sun exposure.”  I have used the regular sunscreen from this line before and it works really well, once you get past the fact that it’s green 🙂  This one does have that smell that tells you it’s a natural product but it’s not offensive and I really do need to up my sunscreen game for my face.


MightyNest also sent me three codes to give out that will get you one free month of the Mighty Fix subscription.  If you are interested in one, drop me a line and I can send you all the details so you can start to get your own helpful items too.

I’m very happy with the offerings this month.  The item is a higher value than they normally ship and I can use this right away. I’m getting to try some things I’m sure I would never just buy and they are easy ways to make simple changes to try and keep my home and family in better health.  I’m glad that they opened up to Canada and can’t wait to see what other crazy things they send me next.

Mindfulness Box October 2017

Mindfulness Box is a monthly subscription that aims to promote mindfulness, inner peace & balance.  It contains 4-6 inspiring goods that have been carefully curated to bring you Zen and positivity.  There can be Holistic or Homoeopathic healthcare products, handcrafted jewelry, or crystals.  They offer three different box types based on who is receiving the box, the standard box, a kids box, or a family box.  The standard and kids start at $29.00 and the family is $52.00 per month.  Boxes do go down slightly with longer plans and shipping to here was $15.00 a month.  This is one of the boxes I snagged on Mother’s Day at 50% off and is one I would normally not get due to the price.  I am excited to see what’s inside as the images of past boxes look great.

The box was very differently shaped then normal and also labeled with a fragile sticker on the side.  Once I opened it up, I couldn’t see much beyond some stripes.


They have an info card that tells you about each item and how it fits in with the theme for the month, Hygge.  This is something that has been everywhere lately and while I haven’t really tried to incorporate it, I do like all that it encompasses.

Bella Luna Luz Warmth Crystal-Infused Aromatherapy Candle

The candle itself is scented with vanilla, but there are pieces of cinnamon on top and that is what comes across first. There is also a jade crystal on there.  Burning this candle is supposed to charge your space with balance and positivity.

14oz. Ceramic Mug

This is a great mug.  It is nice and large and I love the blue inside on the black outside.


Boxed Wishing Stone Set

This is a set of stones with words on them that you use to make wishes for a positive life.  There is also a velvet bag in the box to keep them safe while you are not using them.  Included are success, love, luck, health, happiness, and peace.


Epielle Argan Oil Face Mask

This mask contains argan oil and lavender to make your skin nourished and hydrated.  The mask itself is made from natural cotton, which I’ve never noticed any of my others to be made from.  I’m excited to try this one.


Fleece For Peace Cozy Blanket

This blanket might not seem like much more than a regular 50×60″ fleece blanket but for every one that was sent out in a box, they donated one to flood victims in Puerto Rico.  A blanket is also a great way to experience hygge as it can comfort and warm you.


Stash English Breakfast Tea

It does seem odd that they only included one tea bag but this does fit in with all the other items this month.  This is not my favourite kind of tea but it’s one my hubby drinks so it will go on his tea shelf.

This month they nailed the theme with the items.  I love all of the things that were included and can’t wait to use them together, just with a better flavour of the tea.  There are no prices included so I cannot do a value but this one is one of the best boxes from them that I’ve received and I’m very happy.







Home Made Luxe Craft Subscription October 2017

Home Made Luxe is a monthly box that sends out everything you need to make a Pinterest worthy home decor craft for your house.  They include step-by-step instructions and there is a link to a video that also walks you through them.  Boxes start at $29.99 plus shipping and do go down with longer terms.  I signed up for this one way back on Mother’s Day during the CrateJoy sale and scored it for 50% off.  I am always looking for new craft boxes and ideas and these ones are a little different from what I’ve received before.  I have a big stack of these to get through but all the delays in reviewing them are mone and have nothing to do with any shipping issues or problems getting boxes.  They do provide shipping notices and often they send out surveys to see what craft you want to see in the next month’s box.

As always the box gives you a hint as to what type of thing you have ordered.  Inside things are not quite as neat as normal but still fine.

They have a little book that not only has your instructions in it but also a little bit about some of the customers and a thank you from the founder on the back.  There are also some notes about how to win a box and a code for a discount.

The main craft this month is a Personalized Cutting Board Kit.  This seems like a good way for me to get burned.  They provide you with a cutting board, templates, a wood burner with four tips, an extra shading tip, a graphite stick, a pencil and tape, and a cork coaster.  I have never used a wood burner in my life!  This could go either way.  I may have to practice on the back of the board first because I want this to look nice and I’m not sure that just going for it is the best way to make that happen.

The bonus craft this month are Cork Coasters.  In this one, they give you the cork rounds, the wood burner, templates, the pencil, and some tape.  These seem much more likely to catch on fire while I’m attempting this.  The give you some ideas for how to design them on the facing page of the instructions but they look pretty professional to me.

This month is great but I’m terrified to give it a go.  I really want to make these and try this technique that is so foreign to me but I’m sure I’m going to burn myself or something else.  I have been very happy with all the boxes I’ve received since the first one that made me question why I had signed up for this.  They have been providing me with tool and crafts that I would never reach out to myself and I’m excited to get these all made up.


Home Made Luxe Craft Subscription September 2017

Home Made Luxe is a monthly box that sends out everything you need to make a Pinterest worthy home decor craft for your house.  They include step-by-step instructions and there is a link to a video that also walks you through them.  Boxes start at $29.99 plus shipping and do go down with longer terms.  I signed up for this one way back on Mother’s Day during the CrateJoy sale and scored it for 50% off.  I am always looking for new craft boxes and ideas and these ones are a little different from what I’ve received before.  I have a big stack of these to get through but all the delays on reviewing them are mone and have nothing to do with any shipping issues or problems getting boxes.  They do provide shipping notices and often they send out surveys to see what craft you want to see in the next month’s box.

This month didn’t look too interesting for supplies but sometimes the most basic items can make fabulous things.


The craft this month is a Macrame Kit.  They had an online vote to decide which of the two things to make and there was such a great response that they decided to have both of them in the box.

First up is the Macrame Hanging Planter.  Included in the box for you to make this are macrame cord, a large dowel, a succulent (plastic), white & gold paint, plant pot & lid, and a foam brush.  I need to supply a knife, a nail, and a ruler.  They give very detailed step by step instructions and a link to a video if you prefer to watch someone explain it.

The bonus project is a Macrame Owl.  For this one, they give you a small dowel, macrame cord, and three beads, two large and one small.  This one also has the printed and video instructions so that you can get those crazy knots made properly.

Macrame is such an old-fashioned craft but I have great memories of plant hangers made out of it my house growing up.  In fact, now that I look up, I have one in my living room right now!  This is something I have never done in my life but I’m hoping that my youth spent making friendship bracelets involving all those tiny knots is going to help me out.

Home Made Luxe Craft Subscription August 2017

Home Made Luxe is a monthly box that sends out everything you need to make a Pinterest worthy home decor craft for your house.  They include step-by-step instructions and there is a link to a video that also walks you through them.  Boxes start at $29.99 plus shipping and do go down with longer terms.  I signed up for this one way back on Mother’s Day during the CrateJoy sale and scored it for 50% off.  I am always looking for new craft boxes and ideas and these ones are a little different from what I’ve received before.  I have a big stack of these to get through but all the delays on reviewing them are mone and have nothing to do with any shipping issues or problems getting boxes.  They do provide shipping notices and often they send out surveys to see what craft you want to see in the next month’s box.

This sub comes in a big branded box and inside that, it is always nicely wrapped and packaged.

The craft this month is a Floral Pallet Sign.  All instructions are included and there is also video instructions that you can access if you need more help.  This booklet includes the instructions for a bonus craft, Felt Flower Paper Clip. They added a recipe for Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Boats to round out the pages.  On the back is a note from the founder thanking us for subscribing and letting us know that she’d love to see our finished crafts and any feedback or suggestions.


The box includes a wood pallet, laugh lettering, white paint, wood stain, a foam brush, glue sticks, felt flower materials, and the kit to make the bonus paper clip project.  The only thing I have to provide on my own is a glue gun.  I have a couple of those so I think I’m set.

My third box from this subscription is again something I am looking forward to making.  This is a new crafting technique for me and it is not something I have made before.   I’m glad that the box has improved from last month and I hope that they keep going in this direction.

Fred’s Box Mystery Subscription Box November 2017

Fred’s Box is a monthly subscription full of things for kids 3 and over.  In the Mystery Box, you get a book, an Ooshie or Crayola funky shapes, depending on the age of the recipient, pencil, sticker, postcards, and some mystery items. You can get this box as a twin version to get double the goodies.  There is a straight Ooshies box that saves you from having to try to collect them one at a time as well, in 4 sizes.  Boxes start at $3.99 British Pounds and go up from there.  Shipping to Canada is 54 pence a month.  I decided to go with the Mystery Box for Bug and since her birthday is soon, I aged her up to 6 for the books.  They shipped out quite quickly after ordering and now we get to check out what’s inside.

The box was big again but it’s still thin so it easily fits in my mailbox.  Once I opened it I could see all kinds of fun Halloween items.  This box arrived before Halloween so there is no issue with that, I’m just a little later getting the review done!

They have a card in the box and it lists all the social media links for Fred’s Box and a code for a discount.

The book we received this month is How The World Began by Fiona Macdonald.  It seems to be a little above in reading level then we have been getting but that is not a problem.  This book is a collection of stories and myths from different cultures that explain the beliefs about how Earth was created.  This one is going to be a good book to make my girls think and to show them a broader range of cultures then we might normally.

20171105_193824 (1)

The Ooshie is Wonder Woman!  How great is that?  These things are so freaking cute and my kids love them.  Superheros are still a big part of their play and they add in these little guys with their bigger dolls and go from there.

We got a brown pencil crayon this month, we’ll have a complete set by the time this is done!  There is also the standard name sticker and postcards, only two this month instead of the normal four.

There are so many mystery items this month!!!!!!!!!  It’s a serious haul of Halloween and play items.  Half of me wants to hide away the things that are not themed and use them as stocking stuffers.  I should but I’m too excited to see the reactions to the things to do that.  We received this month, a Littlest Pet Shop blind bag, Halloween Glow Rings (we have a glow stick every night, HOW DO THEY KNOW?????), a Paw Patrol Bracelet, Paw Patrol Hair Ties (all the girls in this house have waist-length hair, again how do they know?), Shopkins Top Trumps cards, Disney Princess Trading Cards, Halloween Nail Tattoos,  and Halloween Window Clings.  Every single one of these things is going to be a hit.  The kids are obsessed with Shopkins and all things card game related.  Having their nails done is a special treat that happens way less then they ask for it to.  Once again I am astounded at the items we received and the amazing ability they have to put together a box that is full of the things my kids are into at this moment.

This box is great fun.  The girls are going to be very happy with all the toys in it and the book has already been given the thumb’s up.  There is an opportunity for creativity with the postcards, learning with the book, and play with the rest.  I can’t wait to see what future boxes from them bring us.  Fred’s Box run contests and have lots of special boxes you can get quite often.  If you want to check them out and get your own box of goodies click here.

Earth Wax & Fire October 2017

Earth Wax and Fire is an Israeli subscription that sends out an artisanal candle and a matching ceramic bowl.  You can get a month-to-month plan, or go for a 3,6, or12-month plan.  Plans start at $27.00 a month but go down with the longer ones.  Shipping to here was an additional $11.00 a month.  This normally would be above my comfort price but I signed up on Mother’s Day weekend and they had a 50% code for a 6-month plan.  That definitely made the decision easier.  I have a candle burning every evening so I am on the lookout for them always.  The pictures they have on their site were beautiful so I have hopes for this box.

The box was much bigger this month than it has been.  Inside it was still as beautifully and carefully packed as it always has been.  They take so much care in their presentation and it makes you feel very special to receive it.

There are four cards this month and a couple of them are double-sided.  The first one tells you about the combo you received, one is about the bowl, one is about the candle, and one details massage techniques.  I realize that with the images small the one picture looks dirty but if you enlarge it then you can see it’s really not!

Massage Combo #1 Back to the Sea contains a handmade ceramic Sea Glass bowl, a white flower floating candle, and a bottle of sweet almond massage oil, with a stopper.  The bowl design is inspired by the sea glass that can be found and has been crafted to look like that while being fully usable.  I have all the other ones as dishes for things on my dresser.  The candle is beautifully scented with a blend of florals.  It is amazing!  I’m happy to have received the massage oil but now I need to convince Hubs to put it to use.  Maybe the fact that there are instructions on how to give a relaxing massage will be the push he needs.

I am so impressed with this box.  The level of detail provided and the care in selecting and packing it is first class.  They have reached out a few times to see what my choices would be and been polite and friendly each time.  I know this is a slightly higher priced subscription when it’s not on sale but I honestly believe it would be worth it.  You can currently save 10% off a plan using the code SAVE10 at checkout.