Another Day in the Snow

It is a cold and snowy one here today.  We are under a winter storm warning and have definitely got the snow that they predicted but it’s only starting to get cold.  We are expected to reach -26 Celsius by Sunday, plus a windchill on top.  Pretty normal for February in Saskatchewan.

The Hubs bought this ridiculous pillow, called a Yogibo.  It’s basically a giant beanbag and it has caused war in our house.  The kids have taken to using it as a landing pad for when they launch off the couch.  They love playing with it but we are terrified that it’s going to explode and there will be pellets everywhere.  This leads to an outstanding amount of yelling to STOP JUMPING ON THE PILLOW!!!

Today for supper we are going to have Just Chicken Soup from the Company’s Coming cookbook.  It’s like regular chicken soup but you blend all the veggies up and have the chicken and noodles left whole.  It’s a new recipe for us so we’ll see how it turns out.

Not too much else to talk about today.  I have something I want to share but it’s a lot more personal than I’ve been on the blog before and I’m scared to share.  Maybe soon I’ll work up the courage.