5amily Mug Review

Sometimes you need a gift for that hard to buy for friend or family member.  5amily has you covered for all of them.  They specialize in personalized items and have ones for everyone.  The can set you up with items that are sports related, family related, or about your pets, hobbies and school themes.  You can get clothes, mugs, bags, or phone cases. Most items seem to have instant discounts applied so you can save money on your purchases as well.

I was sent the To Save Time Let’s Assume (Name) Is Always Right Mug to try them out.


Getting my name put on the mug took minutes and there was a preview so I could see it as it would show up beforehand.  The ordering process took less than 10 minutes and was so simple.  Shipping rates vary based on your location and what you are ordering.

You can get yours by following this link, https://5amily.com/special-offer/1afl4Foym6uKC2e?utm_campaign=S_1afl4Foym6uKC2e_Name_AlwaysRight_Mug&utm_content=go_mug&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tomoson.com&utm_term=_hov_hjf_hrp

The Kit Beauty Desk August Edition 2018

The Kit is a box of goodies put together by Topbox.  They are a Canadian company and these are an extension of the monthly Topbox subscription but without the commitment.  You can go to their website and find an assortment of boxes that cover makeup and skincare items.  They usually put out one or two boxes a month and shipping is free in Canada  Boxes are normally $26.00 for The Kit Beauty desk, $49.00 for The Kit Beauty Box, which is much larger and contains more items, or occasionally they have a mystery box for $12.00.  This is a review of the August Beauty Desk Box.


The Kit comes in a tube.  They mail it in a regular box so it doesn’t arrive damaged.  The whole thing is recyclable so that is great.  I haven’t found any other use for the tube but if you’re crafty you could repurpose it, as it’s very sturdy.


Most of the time there is an info card in the Beauty Desk version.  This month has ten items included.


AveryBeauty Shea Butter Socks

I have never used anything like this before.  These are a pair of socks that you slide on your feet and let them sit for 20 minutes  After that your feet should come out moisturized and less rough then you started with.  I rarely have 20 minutes where I don’t need to get up and walk somewhere but my feet can definitely use these after rocking sandals all Summer.


Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil and Shea Butter

This is an oil treatment for your hair.  It is supposed to make your hair softer and smoother while nourishing it.  It smells great and after a while of dying my hair the ends need this!


Pure Cosmetics Silicone Pro Beauty Blender

I keep getting these in beauty boxes and I have yet to use one.  I like my original pink beauty blender and haven’t felt the need to change to one of these.  I find the texture very odd.  I will give them a go once I destroy the one I’m using now.

20180815_181523 (1)

Clinique High Impact Mascara

Thank goodness for this!  I’m running low on mascara in my stash and this will be a great addition to it.  This is a volumizing mascara and will add length and definition to your lashes.


Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Oil

I’ve never heard of something like this but it is a brightening oil that adds shine and softness.  I’m not sure how it differs from a regular hair oil.  It smells nice and does add a shimmer to the part of my hair I put it on to try.


Boo Bamboo SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen Spray

This spray is water and sweat resistant, fast absorbing, and non-whitening when you spray it on.  It also has UVA and UVB protection, which is what you should be getting from a sunscreen.  It is enriched with bamboo extract.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

Thee boxes are where I get any high-end facial products I can’t afford normally.  This is one of those items.  You can basically use this any time and anywhere on your body.  It’s a face cream, a hand cream, can add shine, or can shape your brows.  It is gel-like in texture and smells horrible lol.


Nena Clay Mask

This mask is good for all skin types and also exfoliates as it works  It has minerals and rare earth elements that help to protect against the effects of pollution on your skin, while it detoxifies and hydrates.


Barefoot Venus Shower Gel

I’ve had this item before and this is not a scent I really enjoy.  It is a Green Tea Body Wash in Gingerly.  It does have lots of good things going for it though.  It has no parabens, mineral oils or synthetic colours.  It does lather up really nicely too.  I just have an issue with the smell.


Morgan Tailor Professional Nail Laquer in Better In Leather

This is a black polish with silver sparkles in it.  I think it’s a good colour for Fall.  I just had acrylic nails put on so I don’t need any polish right now but maybe my toes could use a touch up in this.  I’m not a fan really of getting polish in boxes but since you can see what is in these boxes before you buy I can’t really complain.

These boxes are great to get.  They include items that are normally available in salons only plus higher end face products.  They are a good mix of hair, face, and makeup items.  You can also see everything you are going to be getting each time before you order.  These are not a subscription box but a one-off that lasts only for a while.