iBeauty Box August 2018

iBeauty Box is a monthly box that sends you an assortment of cosmetics, skin care, lifestyle items.  They include full size and sample size products from brands you know and ones to discover.  You could get anything from nail care, hair care, skincare, jewellery, or candles to makeup.  I’ve been in the market for more of the beauty boxes that drew me into this for a while so when I saw this one I thought I’d give it a try.  Boxes start at $24.99 a month and go down very slightly if you subscribe for a longer term.  Shipping to Canada is included in that price.


The box is CrateJoy teal but they have the iBeauty Box sticker on the one side so you know what you are getting.


They have an info card included and that tells you what you will find inside as well as the retail price of that item.


Dragonfly Necklace-$56.00

I like this necklace but in no way, shape, or form do I think it’s worth $56.00.  It’s just no heavy enough or well made enough for that.  With all of that being said, it is a nice piece of jewellry and I will wear it.


e.l.f. Velvet Matte Lipstick in Berry Bordeaux-$3.00

It’s been a while since I’ve recieved any e.l.f. items and I’m happy to have them.  This is a very dark colour though and not all that wearable for me as an everyday item.  It would work for a special occasion or maybe once Fall is here I’ll find it more suitable.


L.A. Colors Eyeshadow Palette in Smokey-$6.00

I like this palette.  It hasa good mix of sparkly shades and matte shades to create any eye look you want to.  The colours are also all really wearable, which doesn’t always happen in some palettes.


Nail Stickers-$6.00

There are four sheets of regular nail stickers and one sheet of something that is different.  There is a yellow and black check, a leopard print, pink squares, and an anime one.  These are a bit of a waste for me as my nails are never long enough to worry about using them.


Sassy + Chic Fashion Eyelashes-$9.00

I like fake lashes even if I don’t wear them all that often.  These seem like a nice pair and aren’t crazy long.  It has taken me many tries to be able to apply  lashes so I’m always happy to get another pair to work with.


Dermal Acia Berry Collagen Essence Mask-$9.00

I use a mask once a week and my stash is getting low so this is a welcome product.  Most of the wording on this package is in Korean so I have no clue about what it does but I’m going to go with firming and plumping, based on the fact that it’s collagen.


In the samples included this month we haveLeaf & Rusher Skin Tonic, Shiseido Eye Wrinkle Expert, and purminerals Impact+ mascara.  I love that they include a few of these each month.  It’s a bonus and it helps to make the box feel complete.

This month is back to what I was hoping to get when I signed up for this box.  There is a great mix of beauty products and I think I’ve finally figured out that each month I’m going to get a piece of jewellery and something else that is not specifically beauty related.  The value this month is $89.00 which is a good value for what I paid.  If you want to check out iBeauty Box or any other boxes on CrateJoy click here and start your search.

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