LippieBox August 2018

LippieBox is a monthly subscription that sends out 5 new or trending lip and beauty products.  They say they are most popular among tweens and teens but I love lip products and think it’s going to be great.  Boxes start at $19.00 per month and there is a $7.00 shipping fee to Canada.  Prices do go down with longer subscriptions. The box itself is tiny and fits easily in your mailbox.

The box is bright pink and filled with squiggles to keep your products safe.  They usually include some cards from the companies as well.


They have an info card that details all the items that you will find in your box.  This month there is also a code for a 15% off discount at Honi Beez.  Feel free to use it!


Honi Beez Lip Balm & Keychain in Mint Chocolate-$7.00

This is an adorable little lip balm!  It is natural and organic with herbal infusion happening.  I don’t normally like a mint chocolate lip balm, the ones I’ve had before are so fake and awful that they turn gross on your lips.  This one is not like that.  It tingles and smells great.  The keychain holder will fit any lip balm in a round tube.


Cire D’Abeille Lavender & Lemon Lip Balm-$5.00

This lip balm is certified cruelty-free and gluten-free.  It also uses locally sourced beeswax in its production.  It smells more of the lavender than the lemon but that just means I will use it at night to help me relax.


Some Essentials Lip Lotion in Warm Vanilla Sugar-$6.00

This lip lotion is slightly grainy.  It doesn’t really smell of the vanilla promised either.  Once it’s been on my lips for a few minutes the grainy feeling goes away so it must just be something that is not quite melted until it gets warm.


Kind Lips Unscented Lip Balm-$5.00

This is a 100% natural lip balm.  The company also gives 20% of their profits to fight against bullying.  This is just plain balm but the good that the company does will make me feel good about using it.


Booda Organics Naked Lip Balm-$3.95

This balm is soy, bee, and gluten-free.  It is also certified organic, non-GMO, cruelty-free and vegan.  It is a little soft to put on but feels nice and seems to leave my lips soft.

I  am very happy to have found this box.  I was a little concerned about getting a lip product only box as I have so much of it but the items in here are great and a good mix of things.  The value for this month is $26.95, a little low this month.  You can visit CrateJoy by clicking here and check out this box and many others.

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