Unicorn Dream Box June 2018

Unicorn Dream Box is a monthly subscription that will help to satisfy any cravings you may have for all things unicorn.  They will send out a mix of makeup, stationery, decor, and accessories.  There will also be a treat in there.  They offer two different sizes of box, Dream Mail that will send 3-4 items and the Dream Box that sends out 6-9 items.  Boxes start at $19.95 and do go down with longer plans.  There is an additional shipping charge to Canada.  I happen to love unicorns so getting this box was a bit of a no-brainer for me.


Once again we have the rainbow bag to contain all the goodies.


This month they went back to having an info card that lists all the items I can expect to find for this month.


Unicorn Bracelet-$8.00

This bracelet is on a rainbow neon cord and you just tie it onto your wrist.  I have really small wrists and this does fit me but if you had larger ones you might have a bit of a problem.


Rainbow Candy-$1.50

This is a fun lollipop!  So far all of the lollies have gone to my children and I’m thinking this will follow suit.  I just don’t need any more sugar in my life and these are huge to eat.


Unicorn Drink Holder-$9.00

SO this is amazing!  I am going to have to plop myself in the kid’s pool outside just so I can use this.  It is inflatable and after reading the back of it, it recommends holding your drink in the bath with it so that’s an even easier way for me to put this to use.


Unicorn Lip Balm-$10.00

In what may come as a surprise to you, this is not the only one of these I own…..one of my co-workers gave me this as a gift one year, mostly because they are awesome.  This has cotton candy lip balm inside the unicorn head and it’s great.


Key Chain-$12.00

I think using this will guarantee that my Hubby will never use my keys ever again.  It is soft pink and has a reflective silver head and tail.  This is going on my keys right now, sorry Hawaii memento.

This box is even greater than I was hoping it would be.  I love the items in it and the mix of things was perfect.  The value this month is $40.50. The box is just fun and whimsical and will give me a good blast of unicorn for the few months I receive it.  If you want to get your own bit of unicorns click here to go to CrateJoy and search them out.


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