Scently Box June 2016

Scently Box is a monthly subscription box that sends out items that help you to relax and unwind.  They offer three sizes of box, Mini, Mod, and Ultra and you can also choose to have them delivered once a month or every three months.  Boxes start at $22.99 a month but go down with longer plans.  There is a $15.00 shipping fee to Canada as well.  Boxes include items made with natural ingredients, handcrafted items, bath and body items, and samples.  I was hoping for something different from what I’ve received before so let’s see what we find in the box!

This box came carefully wrapped in a bubble mailer and it was heavy!  Once I opened it up I could see that it was fully packed and there seemed to be lots of goodies in there.  I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of items this box would provide and after the first look, I still wasn’t completely sure.  They also don’t have an info card so I will be guessing on some of the items.


This is a nice big bag of bath salts.  This is in a Fig scent and I’m happy with this to start off my experience with them.  Bath soaks are useful and indulgent so this is a welcome product.


This candle has no scent listed on it but it smells nice.  It’s in a glass holder and probably has a 20 or so hour burn time.  I like that they have started off with a relaxing bath theme here 🙂


These are “Fruit Spell” Travel Soaps.  They are made with coconut and palm oil and smell nice.  I like that they included different colours and that they are shaped and not just plain old square soaps.


This little vial is an Egyptian Sandalwood Body Oil.  I was concerned this scent would be crazy strong but it’s beautiful!  The vial is a tiny roller ball so I can use this as a perfume as well.  I’m super happy with this item.


The last item in the box is this Handmade Body Soap in Black.  Again I can’t tell what smell this is and Black is not all that helpful as a descriptor.  I’m sure it will be fine soap though.

For my first Scently Box I am very happy.  The products are nice, the sizes are great, and the scents are fantastic.  I got a mix of bath items and all of them do put me into a relaxed state of mind.  I can only hope that the next few boxes I get from them are equally great.  If you want to find this box you can go to CrateJoy and order it up!




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