iBeauty Box May 2018

iBeauty Box is a monthly box that sends you an assortment of cosmetics, skin care, lifestyle items.  They include full size and sample size products from brands you know and ones to discover.  You could get anything from nail care, hair care, skincare, jewelry, or candles to makeup.  I’ve been in the market for more of the beauty boxes that drew me into this for a while so when I saw this one I thought I’d give it a try.  Boxes start at $24.99 a month and go down very slightly if you subscribe for a longer term.  Shipping to Canada is included in that price.

The box is a Cratejoy box with an iBeauty sticker on the one side.  The box is a little over half full of delightful things to discover.


They include an info card that tells you what you will find and the value of those items.


Turquoise Peacock Necklace-$15.99

I think this is a very pretty necklace.  The chain is a little cheap feeling but overall it’s nice.  There is a turquoise stone in the center and the outside has similar coloured stones for added sparkle.

The Balm Bronzer/Blush in Cabana Boy-$9.99

This is more of a blush in my opinion as it’s a sparkly pink shade.  It’s very light though and completely wearable. I really like The Balm products and am happy to get them in boxes.



These are the new makeup blenders.  I have received a few of them now from different boxes and I still haven’t tried them.  I like the Beauty Blenders and find they work well so I don’t trust this to work as well for me.  I will have to eventually give these a go.


Jane Gliding Liners Eye Pencil in Slate Blue-$6.89

This is a mineral pencil and it glides on quite nicely.  It had a little bit of wax or something on the end so when I first rubbed it, nothing happened.  Then after a couple of swipes, it started to leave a mark.  I haven’t worn a blue liner in a while but I do like a pencil type eyeliner.


Essie Nail Polish in Life Of The Party-$10.99

I don’t normally like getting polishes in boxes since I have a bunch and don’t wear them all that often.  However, I love the Essie brand and this is a great colour.  It is a dark pink with very tiny glitter in it.  Anything with shimmer is fine in my books!


Simple Eye Markup Remover-$4.99

I have used a few other Simple products and have found them to be good at cleansing.  This is just for eye makeup removal but I expect that it will be just as effective.  It has no oils or perfumes in it, so it’ll be gentle on the delicate eye area skin.


LipFusion Infatuation Lip Colour in Pucker Up-$7.99

This is a plumping lip gloss and it has the tingle of whatever method of plumping formula they are using.  It is a soft pink colour and works well for me.  This is about half of a normal sized lip gloss but it’ll still give me enough to use before I get tired of it and switch it up for something else.

There are three samples included this month.  We have Lancome Lipsticks, Burberry Brit perfume, and Nude Rescue Oil.

This month is back to what I was hoping to get when I signed up for this box.  There is a great mix of beauty products and I think I’ve finally figured out that each month I’m going to get a piece of jewelry and a tool.  The value this month is $66.83, which is a good value for what I paid.  If you want to check out iBeauty Box or any other boxes on CrateJoy click here and start your search.


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