LippieBox May 2018

LippieBox is a monthly subscription that sends out 5 new or trending lip and beauty products.  They say they are most popular among tweens and teens but I love lip products and think it’s going to be great.  Boxes start at $19.00 per month and there is a $7.00 shipping fee to Canada.  Prices do go down with longer subscriptions. The box itself is tiny and fits easily in your mailbox.

The box is branded and pink and white.  Inside we find our surprises for the month, gently nestled in pink squiggles.

They include an info card that tells you all about the items that are included along with a story about some of their reviewers on Instagram.


Dirty Lamb Coffee Scrub-$12.00

This scrub is so coffee scented!  This scrub is organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. I use a scrub on my body once a week and this one is going to get me going with that scent of coffee.


Lip Niche Lip Gloss in Fearless-$12.00

This gloss is great!  It’s not sticky at all and has a good scent to it. The colour is a soft rose with just a hint of sparkle.  I’m always looking for new lip glosses and this one is a winner.


Phone Grip-$15.00

This is a specially branded phone grip brought to us by the creators of the box.  I don’t ever use one of these because I have cases I switch out all the time and they have decorations on them I don’t want to be covered up.


Starlooks Lip Gloss in Mad Crus-$9.00

This is one of Starlooks Perfect Size items.  They are smaller than full size but bigger than a sample size.  You can get a whole subscription from Starlooks of their makeup if you like it.  This colour is something I will wear all the time.  It is just darker than my lip colour and looks great on me.


Magical Star Vanilla Cream Lip Balm-$3.00

This must be a bonus item as it’s not listed on the card at all.  It has a soft vanilla smell and glides on smoothly.  I like it.

I am very happy to have found this box.  I was a little concerned about getting a lip product only box as I have so much of it but the items in here are great and a good mix of things.  The value for this month is $51.00, a great value.  You can visit CrateJoy by clicking here and check out this box and many others.

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