Unicorn Dream Box April 2018

Unicorn Dream Box is a monthly subscription that will help to satisfy any cravings you may have for all things unicorn.  They will send out a mix of makeup, stationery, decor, and accessories.  There will also be a treat in there.  They offer two different sizes of box, Dream Mail that will send 3-4 items and the Dream Box that sends out 6-9 items.  Boxes start at $19.95 and do go down with longer plans.  There is an additional shipping charge to Canada.  I happen to love unicorns so getting this box was a bit of a no-brainer for me.

My Dream Mail showed up in a mailer bag.  Inside of that, it was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap.  Once we got past that there was a bright rainbow bag that was holding the goodies.


They include an info card that tells you all of the items that you can expect to find in your bag and the value of those items.  There is also the social media links in case you want to get hold of them.


Unicorn Liquid Pencil Case-$12.00

This is amazing!  This pencil case has a water-filled front that is filled with stars and unicorns and other cutouts.  This makes me so happy you can’t even imagine.  I shall take it to work and drive my boss crazy with it!


Unicorn Nail Stickers-$12.00

These are pretty fun.  I never think to use nail stickers when I paint my nails but I might have to give the unicorns a try.  My nails might not be big enough to use many of them though.

Unicorn Pool Float-$16.00

I tend to see this as more of a beach ball then a float but that’s just me.  This is the most ridiculous and awesome thing I’ve ever seen.  I have no idea what I will do with it but it’s fun and I like it.


Star Pen-$3.00

This a black pen with a star cap.  Not much else to say about it but I love pens so this will join my collection.


Rainbow Erasers-$2.00

There are six little erasers in this bag.  They are mostly useless but very bright and I’ll line them up somewhere.


There were two pieces of candy on the box, the rainbow is gummy and then there is a twisted lollipop.  I never say no to candy so I’ve already eaten half of these.

This box is even greater than I was hoping it would be.  I love the items in it and the mix of things was perfect.  The box is just fun and whimsical and will give me a good blast of unicorn for the few months I receive it.  This month the box value was $48.00 which is nice compared to the price.  If you want to get your own bit of unicorns click here to go to CrateJoy and search them out.

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