iBeauty Box April 2018

iBeauty Box is a monthly box that sends you an assortment of cosmetics, skin care, lifestyle items.  They include full size and sample size products from brands you know and ones to discover.  You could get anything from nail care, hair care, skincare, jewelry, or candles to makeup.  I’ve been in the market for more of the beauty boxes that drew me into this for a while so when I saw this one I thought I’d give it a try.  Boxes start at $24.99 a month and go down very slightly if you subscribe for a longer term.  Shipping to Canada is included in that price.

They ship in a blue CrateJoy box with their label as a sticker on one side.  Inside I found everything packed in with squiggles to cushion it.

They have an info card included that tells you the products you received plus the value of those items.  It’s nothing fancy but it does the job it needs to.


Heartbeat Necklace-$29.00

I actually really like this necklace but feel that the price they have listed for it is high.  It has a tag on it that looks really cheap and like you might find this in the dollar store.  That being said I will wear it because I think it’s cool and just hope that it won’t turn my skin green.


Essential Tools Powder Brush-$7.99

This brush is awesome!  The bristles are super soft and will be great for spreading powder evenly.  I’m not normally a huge fan of getting brushes in boxes because I don’t replace them as often as they tend to arrive but this one I’m happy about.


TonyMoly I’m Real Facial Sheet Mask-$9.99

TonyMoly is a brand I love and I’m always happy to get anything in a box from it.  This is an aloe moisturizing sheet mask.  I never used to use sheet masks before I got into boxes but now they are my go to.  You can pop one on and still go about your day while it does its magic.


Menow True Lips Lip Liner Pencil in 050-$5.99

This lip liner is in a medium pink shade that will go really well with lots of different lipsticks.  I don’t wear lip liners all that often anymore but sometimes you need the added staying power that liner can give you.  This is an old-school pencil liner, no twist ups here.


Fashion Pen-$6.99

This is another item I think is overvalued.  It is very Spring-like and writes well though.


Jot Notebook-$8.99

I guess they are going heavy on the lifestyle aspect of the box this month.  This is a notebook and pen combo, not quite what you would expect in a beauty box.  It will be useful but I’d rather have received some more actual makeup.


The bonus samples this month are Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, (which I love!) and Face It Magic COver BB Cream.

I am rather surprised at the items I got in the box this month.  It wasn’t so much a beauty box and that is what I am hoping to receive.  The brush and the mask are great and it’s nice to get the bonus samples.  The value of the box this month is $68.95 plus sample packets.  I think that’s highly inflated and a bit of a letdown.  If you want to check out iBeauty Box or any other boxes on CrateJoy click here and start your search.

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