Fred’s Box Mystery Subscription Box March 2018

Fred’s Box is a monthly subscription full of things for kids 3 and over.  In the Mystery Box, you get a book, an Ooshie or Crayola funky shapes, depending on the age of the recipient, pencil, sticker, postcards, and some mystery items. You can get this box as a twin version to get double the goodies.  There is a straight Ooshies box that saves you from having to try to collect them one at a time as well, in 4 sizes.  Boxes start at $3.99 British Pounds and go up from there.  Shipping to Canada is 54 pence a month.  I decided to go with the Mystery Box for Bug and since her birthday is soon, I aged her up to 6 for the books.  They shipped out quite quickly after ordering and now we get to check out what’s inside.

We got this box on time, so now I really don’t know what happened to the last one that took so long.  I could see from the first glance that this was going to be another good one.

The book this month is going to be a huge hit!  Bug has been obsessed with these Fairy books and we now own so many of them.  Luckily this is not one of the ones we’ve found.  Ruth the Red Riding Hood Fairy is book 4 of the Storybook Fairies collection.


Our Ooshie this month is Cyborg.  He’s adorable and I love him.  He’s a good character and this one will join the princesses in the castle or the Lego house that’s being created.


Purple pencil crayon and sticker.  I find random things with these stickers on them throughout the house.

The mystery items have hit it out of the park one more time.  We have a Frozen necklace that has sparkles that move around, Shopkins Trading Card Game pack, Shopkins Barrettes, a Frozen coin purse, and an Elsa tiara.  I can only envision fights happening but all of these things are going to be hot commodities in our house.  They really do know the crowd they are packing for and we have yet to get a box of things no one wants to play with or use.  It’s uncanny.

This box is great fun.  The girls are going to be very happy with all the toys in it and the book has already been given the thumb’s up.  There is an opportunity for creativity with the crayons and pencils, learning with the book, and play with the rest.  I can’t wait to see what future boxes from them bring us.  Fred’s Box run contests and have lots of special boxes you can get quite often.  If you want to check them out and get your own box of goodies click here.

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