Feriwola Men’s Watch Reveiw

Disclaimer: I received this product for a discount but all opinions are my own.

My husband is not much of a watch guy but there are occasions when he does want to have the ease of not pulling out his phone to check the time.  After a quick browse around the Feriwola site, I found this one to give a try for him.


It came in this plastic wrapper, wrapped up in foam padding, and in a plastic bag mailer.  Shipping was reasonable and it made it here in under 3 weeks!


The watch features an oversized face with a couple of springs for that extra manly look.  There were no instructions included in the packaging but it’s just one knob to set, same as any other watch.  The strap is silicone and it uses quartz movement in the dial.


As you can see my husband has fairly small wrists but it still looks good and worst case scenario he can use it as a weapon since the face is pretty heavy.  It’s not going to last forever but as a fashion watch, it’ll be good enough to make it to out of style. You can get yours here.


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