Sunday Mood November 2017

Sunday Mood is a monthly box that includes a mix of indie brands, vegan beauty lines, all-natural bath & beauty products, handmade jewelry, cool niche household items, art, specialty teas, and healthy treats.  They offer two different sizes of box, a sample box that has 2-3 deluxe samples and 1 full-size item or the full-size box that contains 4-6 full-size products.  They are priced at $25 and $44 but do go down with longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $10 per box.  This is another one I picked up on Mother’s Day for 50% off or I would never have given it a go.  There was an additional Customs charge when it arrived, so that is something to keep in mind if you order.


The box felt heavy this month but opening left me thinking that it was a little scarce in items. Once again there is not an info card for the month.  There seems to be a bit of chatter online that there has been no response from customer service for people who have reached out and that the quality of the items has been dropping.  They are supposed to be all full sized products in the box and I know that I can say that that has not really been the case for a few months.  I really would like to get something that tells me about what I received personally.  I could forgive the lack of full sized items if I knew that what I was getting was worth it.


RoseVale Bath Bomb in Love-$2.69

This bath bomb smells very nice.  They are free of artificial colors and dyes and leave no residue in your tub.  I have been running very low on bath bombs and you can’t believe how happy this makes me.  I can only hope that Santa is reading my blog and brings me some for under the tree.


Freedom Natural Deodorant in Lavender Citrus-$17.00

Well, this was shockingly expensive.  It has a whole bunch of ingredients that make you feel good about wearing this.  It is also aluminum free, paraben free, phthalates free, and dye free.  The lavender comes through as the main scent and it goes on very dry and smooth.


Foxbrim Stretch Mark Oil-$13.95

This oil is formulated to heal stretch marks and scars using natural and organic ingredients.  It is cruelty-free and bottled in small batches.  I didn’t test this on my stretch marks yet but it feels nice on my hand.  It doesn’t leave me super shiny or greasy feeling even though it was definitely an oil that came out if the bottle.  It has almost no smell at all to it.


Numi Organic Pu-erh Chocolate Tea

Well, this month I only got two where last month I three so there’s a downer.  I still haven’t tried the other ones because I’m thinking I’m not going to enjoy them all that much.

I am just okay with the box this month. The items are fine but without a card or some idea of what I’m getting it’s a downer for me.  The value for this month is not available since I can’t identify parts of the box.  That is okay but I’d rather not have had the Customs fee on top.  If you go to check it out they do have a code on their site that says will get you some type of a discount upon checkout, but be aware of the issues that have been happening.

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