Mindfulness Box October 2017

Mindfulness Box is a monthly subscription that aims to promote mindfulness, inner peace & balance.  It contains 4-6 inspiring goods that have been carefully curated to bring you Zen and positivity.  There can be Holistic or Homoeopathic healthcare products, handcrafted jewelry, or crystals.  They offer three different box types based on who is receiving the box, the standard box, a kids box, or a family box.  The standard and kids start at $29.00 and the family is $52.00 per month.  Boxes do go down slightly with longer plans and shipping to here was $15.00 a month.  This is one of the boxes I snagged on Mother’s Day at 50% off and is one I would normally not get due to the price.  I am excited to see what’s inside as the images of past boxes look great.

The box was very differently shaped then normal and also labeled with a fragile sticker on the side.  Once I opened it up, I couldn’t see much beyond some stripes.


They have an info card that tells you about each item and how it fits in with the theme for the month, Hygge.  This is something that has been everywhere lately and while I haven’t really tried to incorporate it, I do like all that it encompasses.

Bella Luna Luz Warmth Crystal-Infused Aromatherapy Candle

The candle itself is scented with vanilla, but there are pieces of cinnamon on top and that is what comes across first. There is also a jade crystal on there.  Burning this candle is supposed to charge your space with balance and positivity.

14oz. Ceramic Mug

This is a great mug.  It is nice and large and I love the blue inside on the black outside.


Boxed Wishing Stone Set

This is a set of stones with words on them that you use to make wishes for a positive life.  There is also a velvet bag in the box to keep them safe while you are not using them.  Included are success, love, luck, health, happiness, and peace.


Epielle Argan Oil Face Mask

This mask contains argan oil and lavender to make your skin nourished and hydrated.  The mask itself is made from natural cotton, which I’ve never noticed any of my others to be made from.  I’m excited to try this one.


Fleece For Peace Cozy Blanket

This blanket might not seem like much more than a regular 50×60″ fleece blanket but for every one that was sent out in a box, they donated one to flood victims in Puerto Rico.  A blanket is also a great way to experience hygge as it can comfort and warm you.


Stash English Breakfast Tea

It does seem odd that they only included one tea bag but this does fit in with all the other items this month.  This is not my favourite kind of tea but it’s one my hubby drinks so it will go on his tea shelf.

This month they nailed the theme with the items.  I love all of the things that were included and can’t wait to use them together, just with a better flavour of the tea.  There are no prices included so I cannot do a value but this one is one of the best boxes from them that I’ve received and I’m very happy.







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