Home Made Luxe Craft Subscription October 2017

Home Made Luxe is a monthly box that sends out everything you need to make a Pinterest worthy home decor craft for your house.  They include step-by-step instructions and there is a link to a video that also walks you through them.  Boxes start at $29.99 plus shipping and do go down with longer terms.  I signed up for this one way back on Mother’s Day during the CrateJoy sale and scored it for 50% off.  I am always looking for new craft boxes and ideas and these ones are a little different from what I’ve received before.  I have a big stack of these to get through but all the delays in reviewing them are mone and have nothing to do with any shipping issues or problems getting boxes.  They do provide shipping notices and often they send out surveys to see what craft you want to see in the next month’s box.

As always the box gives you a hint as to what type of thing you have ordered.  Inside things are not quite as neat as normal but still fine.

They have a little book that not only has your instructions in it but also a little bit about some of the customers and a thank you from the founder on the back.  There are also some notes about how to win a box and a code for a discount.

The main craft this month is a Personalized Cutting Board Kit.  This seems like a good way for me to get burned.  They provide you with a cutting board, templates, a wood burner with four tips, an extra shading tip, a graphite stick, a pencil and tape, and a cork coaster.  I have never used a wood burner in my life!  This could go either way.  I may have to practice on the back of the board first because I want this to look nice and I’m not sure that just going for it is the best way to make that happen.

The bonus craft this month are Cork Coasters.  In this one, they give you the cork rounds, the wood burner, templates, the pencil, and some tape.  These seem much more likely to catch on fire while I’m attempting this.  The give you some ideas for how to design them on the facing page of the instructions but they look pretty professional to me.

This month is great but I’m terrified to give it a go.  I really want to make these and try this technique that is so foreign to me but I’m sure I’m going to burn myself or something else.  I have been very happy with all the boxes I’ve received since the first one that made me question why I had signed up for this.  They have been providing me with tool and crafts that I would never reach out to myself and I’m excited to get these all made up.


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