Home Made Luxe Craft Subscription September 2017

Home Made Luxe is a monthly box that sends out everything you need to make a Pinterest worthy home decor craft for your house.  They include step-by-step instructions and there is a link to a video that also walks you through them.  Boxes start at $29.99 plus shipping and do go down with longer terms.  I signed up for this one way back on Mother’s Day during the CrateJoy sale and scored it for 50% off.  I am always looking for new craft boxes and ideas and these ones are a little different from what I’ve received before.  I have a big stack of these to get through but all the delays on reviewing them are mone and have nothing to do with any shipping issues or problems getting boxes.  They do provide shipping notices and often they send out surveys to see what craft you want to see in the next month’s box.

This month didn’t look too interesting for supplies but sometimes the most basic items can make fabulous things.


The craft this month is a Macrame Kit.  They had an online vote to decide which of the two things to make and there was such a great response that they decided to have both of them in the box.

First up is the Macrame Hanging Planter.  Included in the box for you to make this are macrame cord, a large dowel, a succulent (plastic), white & gold paint, plant pot & lid, and a foam brush.  I need to supply a knife, a nail, and a ruler.  They give very detailed step by step instructions and a link to a video if you prefer to watch someone explain it.

The bonus project is a Macrame Owl.  For this one, they give you a small dowel, macrame cord, and three beads, two large and one small.  This one also has the printed and video instructions so that you can get those crazy knots made properly.

Macrame is such an old-fashioned craft but I have great memories of plant hangers made out of it my house growing up.  In fact, now that I look up, I have one in my living room right now!  This is something I have never done in my life but I’m hoping that my youth spent making friendship bracelets involving all those tiny knots is going to help me out.

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