Geek At Heart October 2017

Geek At Heart is a monthly subscription box that will send out 5-7 items based around a fandom theme.  They will send out a mix of home, beauty, and lifestyle products to make you feel the special connections to fandoms that are part of geek life.  They say they will focus on 2-3 fandoms per month that link to the theme that they pick.  You can go month to month for $24.95 or lock in for three months at a time for $23.65 per month.  Shipping to Canada was just over $20.00 for the three month period.  I am always wary when I order a geek or fandom box as the themes can vary into things I just don’t care about and then the box is wasted for me.  I decided to give this one a go as I am not receiving any geek boxes right now and I was feeling the lack.

I was a little concerned as I could see the corner of something poking out of the box when it arrived  Turns out it was just a piece of a shipping label and nothing that was part of the box.  The inside did have some type of powder all over it and smelled quite strong.

There is an info card that lists the theme for the month, “The Witching Hour”, with a list of all the items included.  On the back is a preview of the next month’s theme.


Hocus Pocus Sleep Mask

This might be my favourite sleep mask I have ever received.  It is awesome and purple and sparkly and the sentiment is perfect.  Sometimes things just arrive when you need them!


Green Apple Cauldron Bath Bomb

Well, I guess I found the source of the mystery powder that was everywhere.  This is very cute and while you can’t really see it that well there is a spider embedded on the top.  I’m thinking you just drop the whole thing in your tub and then once it dissolves take out the cauldron, which is plastic.  There are no other instructions anywhere so I’ll wing it.


Harry Potter Temporary Tattoos

But I’m a good witch!!!  This is a great Death Eater tattoo.  It obviously needs to be worn in the right company or people will not know what it is and think that you are just hardcore.  It is about three inches long and a little over an inch wide so it will be noticeable.


Witches Bew Scented Incense Cones by Cherry Pit Crafts-$1.99

This little bag of five cones is the other part of the scent that hit me when I opened the box. This is a blend of patchouli, cinnamon, and cedarwood.  Patchouli is one of the scents that can be crazy strong but in this blend it’s okay.  Incense is hard for me to burn with the girls around but maybe after they go to bed I can burn one.


Black Flame Candle Nail Polish by Spectrum Cosmetic-$12.95

This is a black polish with gold flakes in it that is part of the Halloween 2015 collection of this brand.  It is a great Halloween colour and I’ll probably wear it beyond that but I’m concerned that it’s from such an old collection.  The bottle I received is not gummy or old looking so maybe they just keep the old colours around and make them fresh.


Bellatrix Lestrange Coaster by Simple Tweaks-$6.64

This coaster is made of natural stone with a cork backing so that it doesn’t scratch.  It has the Wanted Poster from the Daily Prophet.  It is very heavy and I like it.  I don’t have a coffee table so this will have to live on a bookcase until I need it.

This is my last box from them as I only had a three-month subscription. I am happy to have tried them out and have enjoyed the items that I received.  They covered the theme pretty well and the items are well crafted.  You can see that they take care to source quality items and the ones they make have the same level of care.  This month didn’t have the same problem as my first month with the T-shirt so that is good.  You can sign up for this box either on their website or find them on CrateJoy.

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