Geek At Heart Septemer 2017

Geek At Heart is a monthly subscription box that will send out 5-7 items based around a fandom theme.  They will send out a mix of home, beauty, and lifestyle products to make you feel the special connections to fandoms that are part of geek life.  They say they will focus on 2-3 fandoms per month that link to the theme that they pick.  You can go month to month for $24.95 or lock in for three months at a time for $23.65 per month.  Shipping to Canada was just over $20.00 for the three month period.  I am always wary when I order a geek or fandom box as the themes can vary into things I just don’t care about and then the box is wasted for me.  I decided to give this one a go as I am not receiving any geek boxes right now and I was feeling the lack.

I love the purple box that this arrives in.  I do hate those damn squiggles though.  I know they are a recyclable way to keep things safe but they get everywhere when you try to do anything.

They have a card that has a list of the items included, and the theme, Literary Sanctuary, on one side and on the other is the theme for next month, The Witching Hour.


Lemony Snicket Sugar Scrub by The Geeky Apothecary-$5.17

In a shocking twist, this scrub smells like lemons!  Who would have guessed?  It smells very nice though and they have an assortment of other geek-themed scrubs if Lemony is not up your alley.


Hermione Granger Bookmark by Bibliophile Prints-$2.91

How awesome is this??!!  Since I have at least 72 books on the go at once and dog-earring a page is a major sin I am always looking for more pieces of paper or some type of thing to stick in there.  Harry Potter is one of my favourite nerd themes.


T(ea)BR Button and Sticker by Fictional Flavors-$1.94

I am going to be honest and say that I do not understand the name of this at all.  Once we are past that though I think these are super cute and while I don’t wear buttons really I will find a use for that sticker.


Beauty And The Beast Notebook

I can’t put a value on this one as there is no info on where it came from.  The pages inside are blank and well attached to the spine.  Notebooks make me happy so this one will join my collection of pretties.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book Tote

This is another one that I can’t value but that I love!  It has quite possibly one of my favourite book quotes on it.  This will probably become my library bag.


Harry Potter Restricted Section Candle

This is a 100% soy candle that is scented with hazelnut coffee and old library.  It is oddly sweet and I’m hoping that burning it produces a less icky smell.  I like the idea of this candle but my first impression is not that great because of the smell.

For my second box from them, I am still very impressed.  They covered the theme pretty well and the items are well crafted.  You can see that they take care to source quality items and the ones they make have the same level of care.  This month didn’t have the same proble as last month with the T-shirt so that is good.  You can sign up for this box either on their website or find them on CrateJoy.



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