Terra Bella Box September 2017

Terra Bella Box is a monthly subscription that sends out 3 to 4 natural beauty products.  They also offer a Makeup version that has 3 items in it.  You can get a monthly plan or 3 and 6 month plans in either version.  Boxes start at $32.95 a month and there is a shipping fee to Canada.  That is way, way more than I want to pay for a box and so I had refrained from getting this one until I found it on 50% off for Mother’s Day.  I went with the standard box and they always ship out the Welcome Box as your first one so you get an idea of what you can expect from them and you can get your first one quickly.

The Terra Bella box was not it’s usual self this month.  It was a plain white box with a leaf stamp on it instead.  Once I opened the lid it was business as usual.

There are two cards in there.  One is the info card, which details all the items included, where you can get them, and a retail price for them.  The second is a little thought about the season that could easily be frameable.


French Green Clay Mask by Satellite Soap Company-$15.00

This jar is filled with only dried french green clay.  You mix one tablespoon of it with water and apply.  You rinse off after about fifteen minutes. This clay is good for healing and detoxing.  I make a mess while mixing these type of masks but I do like a clay mask.  My skin always feels so fresh and taut after using one.


Hair Perfume in Rio de Janeiro by Stonework Studio-$19.95

This is an alcohol-free spray that allows you to add scent to yourself in a new way.  The scents in the spray are pineapple, passion fruit, mango, lime, patchouli, and grapefruit.  I can’t decide if I like the smell or not.  I like the idea and do already add a spritz of my perfume to my hair but to have one that is dedicated to that is new to me.  I think this is more of a summer scent so maybe that is why I’m not feeling it.


Lavender Essential Oil Roller by Ad Astra Apothecary-$15.00

This is a lovely roller!  I will be putting this one on my nightstand to use right before bed.  There is an actual sprig of lavender in the bottle.  It is very strong and I think it will be super effective in relaxing me and helping me sleep.


Bath Soak by Ocean Elemental-$8.95

This bath soak is a blend of salts, flowers, oils, and leaves.  You can use it straight from the bag or you can pop it into a cloth tea bag so there are no floaties in the tub.  I don’t want to open the bag yet so I don’t know what it smells like but I’m sure it’s lovely.


Exfoliating Bath Glove bu Ocean Elemental-$3.95

This glove is gently scrubby so that while you are soaking in the tub or hiding from your children in the shower, (is that just me?), you can give your body a once over and remove any dead skin.  It should help you to become soft and smooth.

I had always thought the items I’d seen others getting were good and now that I’ve tried it I can be certain.  The value of this months box is $62.85, which would be good if I’d paid full price and is great with the deal I used.  I don’t normally purposefully seek out natural products but they do work great and it can’t be bad for me to use them.  This month was gso good!  I’m very excited to use all of these things.


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