Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-Of-The-Month Club October 2017

Annie’s Creative Woman sends out a complete craft kit once a month so you can try and learn new crafts.  Crafts could include painting, beading, needlecrafts, memory crafts, soap-making, mosaics, card-making or anything really.  You get your first month at half price and then pay regular price for all successive months.  There are shipping charges applied as well.  Each month the kit will be billed to you for $19.99.  I am always on the lookout for new crafts and kits are so much less hassle because you get everything you need.

This month the project is called Peacock Bargello.  We are learning the art of Bargello Needlepoint Embroidery and then once we make a section of it, we attach it to a tote bag as a pocket.  The kit includes the tote, floss, needle, needle threader, and canvas to do the embroidery on.  This looks really pretty and it is a new technique for me.  I do normal embroidery so hopefully, this is something that the knowledge of that can help me with.

This should be my last kit from them.  I had cancelled last month but since they have always billed in advance I was waiting for one more.  I enjoy the crafts they sent out but not enough to find the price with shipping and exchange acceptable.


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