Mindfulness Box July 2017

Mindfulness Box is a monthly subscription that aims to promote mindfulness, inner peace & balance.  It contains 4-6 inspiring goods that have been carefully curated to bring you Zen and positivity.  There can be Holistic or Homoeopathic healthcare products, handcrafted jewellery, or crystals.  They offer three different box types based on who is receiving the box, the standard box, a kids box, or a family box.  The standard and kids start at $29.00 and the family is $52.00 per month.  Boxes do go down slightly with longer plans and shipping to here was $15.00 a month.  This is one of the boxes I snagged on Mother’s Day at 50% off and is one I would normally not get due to the price.  I am excited to see what’s inside as the images of past boxes look great.

This was the July box that I had not received.  They sent it out as promised and everything was hidden by packing peanuts.

They have a card that gives quite a bit of detail about each of the items that are included.  The theme this month is Grounding In The Present Moment.


Bella Luna Luz Rooted Aromatherapy Roller-$15.00

This is a blend of lavender and peppermint.  It smells very minty to me and also has a couple of amethyst crystals in it.  This is supposed to add calm and peace as well as work to combat headaches.  The roller is super easy to carry in your bag and come with you anywhere you need a little calm in your life.


Bella Luna Luz Rooted Aromatherapy Bath Salts-$12.00

This is the same blend of oils but instead of the amethyst crystal, it has quartz dust in it.  It is made with Epsom salts.  The magnesium in the salt helps to release serotonin in the brain, which as we all know is the happy chemical.  Also in this blend are pink Himalayan salt, sodium bicarbonate, dried French lavender flowers and essential oil, and the peppermint oil.


Mindful Moments Activity Set-$0.00

These cards are actually listed as being priceless but they are made by Mindfulness Box to help quiet your mind.  They have affirmations on the front and activities on the back that can help you grow in yourself and promote healing.


Palo Santo 3-Pack-$6.00

This translates to Holy Wood and is grown on the coast of South America.  You smudge this, similar to sage to remove negative energy and cleanse yourself or your crystals.  It has a scent that is pleasant but hard to describe.  They say that it is a citrus scent related to frankincense, myrrh, and copal.  I’m not sure what that last one is but I like the smell.  I have never smudged before but this now makes the second item to use for cleansing that they have sent me.


Azurite with Granite Ketonite Polished Stone-$10.00

This stone, which is a blend of two, combines the best of both properties.  The blue Azurite part “guides psychic and intuitive development, cleanses and stimulates the third eye, and attunes to spiritual guidance.” The granite part “enables one to see the big picture, helps banish skepticism, and defeats negativity.”  The blending of the two clears stress, worry, grief, sadness.  This does seem like a most useful stone and one that I should carry with me always.

This was a box that had not arrived and I let them know and they shipped it out right away.  There are not any of the treats that were in most of the other boxes but based on the item list, there shouldn’t have been so it’s all good.  All of the items included definitely are geared to making me relax and step away from the crazy of life.  These things are all going to be used and hopefully, add to my life.  The value of this month was $43.00, which is very good for what I paid.


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