Earth Wax & Fire September 2017

Earth Wax and Fire is an Israeli subscription that sends out an artisanal candle and a matching ceramic bowl.  You can get a month-to-month plan, or go for a 3,6, or12-month plan.  Plans start at $27.00 a month but go down with the longer ones.  Shipping to here was an additional $11.00 a month.  This normally would be above my comfort price but I signed up on Mother’s Day weekend and they had a 50% code for a 6-month plan.  That definitely made the decision easier.  I have a candle burning every evening so I am on the lookout for them always.  The pictures they have on their site were beautiful so I have hopes for this box.

This box showed up all safe and sound again this month.  They very carefully pack it on the inside and they wrap the whole box in butcher paper and packing tape.  It takes me so long to get into the box but it’s been worth it so far each time.


They include a collection of cards that tell you about the candle, the extras, the holder, and a Thank You from the curator.


Handmade Ceramic Bowl

This bowl is a speckled grey clay with blue glaze.  It is kiln fired and dishwasher safe.  You can use it afterwards to hold pretty much anything you want.  It is safe for condiments or non-food items as well.


The candle this time is a floating one in a Touch Of Musk scent.  It is a smell that I really like and kinda wish that it was a lotion or perfume.  It is in a rose pattern and while I probably won’t float it to use I will burn this.


This is a Hamsa.  It is a symbol used to protect against the evil eye.

I am so impressed with this box.  The level of detail provided and the care in selecting and packing it is first class.  They have reached out a few times to see what my choices would be and been polite and friendly each time.  I know this is a slightly higher priced subscription when it’s not on sale but I honestly believe it would be worth it.  You can currently save 10% off a plan using the code SAVE10 at checkout.

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