The Penalty Box August 2017

The Penalty Box is a monthly subscription that sends out items for hockey players.  They promise to include basic items, skills training, performance wear, and deals.  They offer two different plans, The Minor Leaguer, and The Penalty Box.  Whichever one you choose, you then get to pick from three age levels, Age 13 and Under, 13+, and Beer Leaguer, which determines the items that will be in your box.  Prices start at $29.99 a month and go up from there.  They also do a Grab Bag for $21.99 a month that is a mix of anything. They have an online shop that sells some items individually as well.  My Hubby has been after me for a while to find him a box and one that is hockey related to boot.  That has been impossible until this one so let’s see if we can make him happy with whatever is inside. I also want to mention that I only know things about hockey that have been absorbed by osmosis so if I’m wildly off in describing something, that’s why.

For what I think is the fourth month in a row the box has changed.  They are obviously trying to come up with a logo and keep sending out different options.  The inside of the box had already been rifled through by an impatient man so I can’t tell how it looked originally.  The card is stuck onto the inside of the lid this month and talks about back to school and hockey time.


Biosteel High-Performance Sports Mix-$1.33 x 2

These drink powders are sugar, caffeine, and gluten-free.  They provide energy and reduce muscle and mental fatigue.  This is the third time that they have sent out these samples but they are an easy replacement for Gatorade in the locker room.


MAXX Stickhandling & Shooting Ball-$12.99

This is an 8oz ball that is made to help players build stronger forearms and hands for a harder and more accurate shot.  It has a steel core and says that it helps because of the size of it and how it rolls on the floor and off your stick.  I don’t know if the guys use these but we’re received a few different ones in this box and none are kicking around so they have gone somewhere.


Renfrew Colored Grip Hockey Tape-$2.99

This looks like athletic tape but it is actually for your stick. It sticks to itself, you can use it alone or over other tapes, and it leaves no residue behind.  It comes in plenty of colours but black is a good choice for us.


Bauer Core Performance Tall Skate Sock-$13.99

These socks are a type of compression sock.  They are treated to stop them from stinking and they also have a fancy type of toe that stops bunching up.  They have some fun designs on them and who doesn’t love a man in knee-high socks?


Bauer Team Short Sleeved Tee-$27.95

This is a tee shirt that is made to be used as a team shirt.  It is left plain on purpose so that you can add your logo to it and have everyone look exactly the same.  Left on its own like this, it has the Bauer logo on the left shoulder and is a soft black tee.  It’s nice to receive something like this in the box.

I wasn’t sure what types of things this box would send out and whether or not my hubby would like it.  Turns out, this is everything he could want in a hockey box.  It gave him a bunch of useful items that he would be buying anyway, plus some things that are helpful to his game.  This box had a value of $60.58, which is almost double last month and much closer to where I think it should be. I know Hubs is thrilled and wants it to be one we keep but I have cancelled this box just because the last few months have been super disappointing and low valued.  If you want to check them out visit



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