Teacher’s Black Box August 2017

Teacher’s  Black Box is a box of items which will include “basic and innovative supplies to enhance their educational impact”.  Now I am not a teacher but if you put a chance to get stationery in front of me, there’s only a small chance I’ll turn it down.  They also say there will be a snack in every box.  Boxes start at $20.00 but go down with longer terms.  Normally the shipping on this one would have stopped me from ordering but they were offering a promo code “ONETIME” that gave you free shipping on orders over $50.  That code is still valid so make sure you use it if you want to sign up.  Let’s see what joy they have delivered to me today.


The box showed up in its standard form this time.  It’s been a few months since we’ve actually seen the black box.  It was packed pretty fully and nothing shifted around during shipping.


This is the second time they’ve sent me a mini glue gun and glue sticks but I’m not upset about it.  This is a good thing to have on hand and with two kids in the house, I’m thinking in a few years I’ll be needing both of them at once.  I also feel it’s good that they send the glue along.  They don’t have to but it means I don’t need to do anything besides plug this in and I can be a gluing machine!


Next out of the box was this pack of index cards.  While I have zero practical use for these, my inner stationery lover is doing jumping jacks. I cannot rationally explain why these things make me so happy but they do.  I love them and I want all of them.

Have I mentioned I had boring pens and pencils?  These are both items I would never choose to use but with two kids who have many years of school to come I know we will have a use for these and they will end up being used by those with less discerning tastes.


Next, we have a package of clear thumb tacks.  These would be very useful if I was actually a teacher.  I don’t have that many things to tack up in my cubical so I will leave these at home and use them for whatever we come up with.


This is a roll of double sided mounting tape.  I think I might already have a roll of this somewhere but it’s one of those things you never need until you REALLY need it.  I like that it is the slightly thicker one instead of the one that is just tape thickness if you know what I mean.  It’s easier to work with and doesn’t ball up in a mess on you.


I take all my dry erase markers to work and guard them with my life.  The ones we have in the meeting rooms are always super low on ink and should be thrown out but since there is not a replacement near by they just stay in there.  I bring my own and then take them away with me because I’m evil like that.  These ones are cool because the barrels are clear so you can see how much is left.


Lastly in the box was a stapler. It came with a few thousand staples as well, I just didn’t take their picture.  They have sent me out one of these before but having more than one stapler in the house is hardly a bad idea.  This is a standard stapler and it works great for what we’ll use it for.


They did remember the snack this month.  It’s a gummy fruit snack and I will eat this later this evening.

This month was great for me.   Normally a few of the things are really great and a couple are not for me, but that’s only because I’m not a teacher.  I can see how these things would be useful for a teacher and they also work well for those of us who love these things.  There was a treat this time.  You can find this box on CrateJoy if you are interested.


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