Love With Food June 2017

Love With Food is a monthly subscription box that sends out organic, all-natural, or gluten free snacks.  They want to help you to “Snack smart and Do good.”  They donate a portion of their proceeds to organizations that help end child hunger.  They offer three box types but only two are available in Canada.  You can get the Deluxe box or the Gluten Free box, starting at $16.50 a month.  Shipping right now is $3.99 a month since they just opened up international shipping.  If you really like your coworkers they have an office box for $99.  You’ll get 16-20 snacks a month,  meals given to children, and points earned to redeem for boxes or snacks.  I love getting snacks in the mail and to find ones that won’t completely destroy my weight loss attempts is a good thing.  I’ve been watching this one for a while and was so glad they now ship to Canada.  Let’s open it up and see if the wait was worth it.

Well, this looks like an odd mix of items.  The box does feel heavier than it has other months so we’ll have to see what else is hiding in there.

There is a card in the box that tells you the theme for the month, You Got This and a little bit about why this works for June.


FlapJacked Protein Smoothie With Greek Yogurt Mix

This is a vanilla bean flavoured mix that you add to a cup of milk.  I guess you can add this into a normal smoothie as well if you wanted to.  I haven’t been drinking many smoothies lately because I just had them too often and now cannot be arsed to make them anymore.  This doesn’t expire until September of 2018 though so I can keep it in the cupboard and on that day I need a smoothie I can whip it up.


Janice & Melanie Original Cheese Straws

I’m pretty sure I’ve had these before and they are a salty delicious snack that I liked.  They say you should have them with wine and cheese and I can’t see the point to that.  They are quite rich but I’m good with that.


Lance PB&J Toasty Crackers

This is a grape jelly and peanut butter sandwich made from crackers.  Why would someone market this and not just make it at home?  I get that it’s convenient but it’s so simple and cheap to just do.  You could even pop them into a ziplock bag and BOOM….portable. I don’t get it.


Zouq Jubilee Mix

These are the kind of thing that I’m sure I won’t like because they are too spicy and then they become something I find delicious.  I just had a similar mix a few days ago and enjoyed it so I’m looking forward to this one now.


iwon! Nutrition Protein Chips

These are sriracha flavoured so I will not eat them.  I don’t enjoy that flavour and the last time I had these chips in a flavour I did want to eat, I couldn’t get past the texture and taste of the chip itself.  I will give these to my Hubby and see if he’ll want them.


Beanitos Baked White Bean Crunch

Someone, please explain to me why they make snacks that are mac & cheese flavoured?????  Who wants to have a chip thing that has that flavour?  Beyond that, these are a baked bean chip that has 4g of protein and no trans fats.


Shine Organics Elevate Squeeze

This is another item I will not eat.  In no way do I want to squash out mush into my mouth.  All of this seems like a horrible idea.  This is just icky to me all around.


Daelmans Stroopwafel

These make up for the stuff above.  I don’t warm them on my tea like you are supposed to, I just eat them as is.  They are chewy and gooey and wonderful and they sent me two!  Happy!


Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps

I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!  I buy them all the time, so getting a bag in any box makes my day.  They are the absolute best way to have a pretzel and I cannot say enough good things about them.  Buy these if you ever see them!!!


Mediterra Bell Pepper & Green Olive Savory Bar

Well, this also sounds disgusting to me.  Sometimes I think people just make up blends of things, call them healthy, and hope people buy them because it might be good for you.  I have nothing to say about this bar.


Divina Fig Spread

I have received a few of these before and I have no clue what to do with them.  Do I spread it on toast?  Mix it with something?  If anyone reading has any ideas I am open to them.  I do like the taste of figs so I want to try this but I really don’t know how.


Angel Mints

These are a hard peppermint.  I was hoping that they would be chewy but they are in fact like those pastel pillow mints that everyone’s grandma always had.


Minute Ready To Serve Brown Rice & Quinoa

I have never tried the ones of these with quinoa but I use the plain rice ones all the time.  These are great to make as an easy side dish when there are other things going on and you need to eat now.

I am so happy to be getting this box and finding snacks that are at least in the realm of better for me.  They have great shipping notices and the boxes come wrapped in plastic so no one can peek in and nab your snacks.  I only have a few boxes left and I still enjoy seeing what shows up.



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