Terra Bella Box August 2017

Terra Bella Box is a monthly subscription that sends out 3 to 4 natural beauty products.  They also offer a Makeup version that has 3 items in it.  You can get a monthly plan or 3 and 6 month plans in either version.  Boxes start at $32.95 a month and there is a shipping fee to Canada.  That is way, way more than I want to pay for a box and so I had refrained from getting this one until I found it on 50% off for Mother’s Day.  I went with the standard box and they always ship out the Welcome Box as your first one so you get an idea of what you can expect from them and you can get your first one quickly.

The box had Customs fees added this time so I had to go to the post office to pick it up as I wasn’t home when they tried to deliver it.  It also appears that the jar in the top corner might have leaked a little.  Things are crunchy and stuck together so we’ll see what we find.

They have an info card that tells you what items are in the box, what their value is and a bit about them.  On the back is a notice that they are having a grab box sale.  There was also a card with the #terrabellabox and that’s all.

Your Tea Tea Face-$25.00

This is the item that leaked.  It is an exfoliator and cleanser that will give you a glowing complexion.  It seems to be made from actual tea leaves and looks like chewing tobacco, which is unpleasant.  It doesn’t smell that great either but I will begrudgingly give it a try.

The Bomb Gals Vegan Vanilla Lip Balm-$4.00

This is a nice feeling lip balm.  It has a soft vanilla scent that isn’t like melted ice cream.  I have way, way, way too many lip balms but I like getting more so this is okay.  I think this one will get used up sooner than some others as I really like it.

Maguey Weaves Natural Rose Pumice Stone-$4.00

My feet are going to love this!  The closer we get to Winter the more often I have to wear shoes and so my heels and the balls of my feet end up in bad shape.  Somehow I have yet to own one of these so I can see a foot bath with a scrub and soak and then rub this thing all over them.

Herbal Transdermal Papaya Enzyme Soft & Silky Mud Mask-$15.00

This surprised me as I rarely expect a mud mask to have texture.  I think this is because of the volcanic mud that they use in it, it feels like an exfoliator.  This mask is supposed to absorb impurities and slow skin aging.

Bambu Charcoal Bar Soap in Balance-$4.00

Charcoal soaps are made to draw out the bad stuff on your skin and leave you clean and soft.  This one is a handmade soap and uses organic bamboo.  I can’t wait to try it.

I had always thought the items I’d seen others getting were good and now that I’ve tried it I can be certain.  The value of this months box is $52.00, which would be good if I’d paid full price and is great with the deal I used.  I don’t normally purposefully seek out natural products but they do work great and it can’t be bad for me to use them.  This month was good for me, though I’m sad the big value item I may not use too much.

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