Geek At Heart August 2017

Geek At Heart is a monthly subscription box that will send out 5-7 items based around a fandom theme.  They will send out a mix of home, beauty, and lifestyle products to make you feel the special connections to fandoms that are part of geek life.  They say they will focus on 2-3 fandoms per month that link to the theme that they pick.  You can go month to month for $24.95 or lock in for three months at a time for $23.65 per month.  Shipping to Canada was just over $20.00 for the three month period.  I am always wary when I order a geek or fandom box as the themes can vary into things I just don’t care about and then the box is wasted for me.  I decided to give this one a go as I am not receiving any geek boxes right now and I was feeling the lack.

The box this one arrives in is a wonderful purple colour.  There is a quote on one side and the brand on the lid.  Inside I found things well packed and safe on their journey from the US up to here.


They do have an info card included and it mentions the theme, Sword & Sorcery, plus a list of the items that are included.  This month is a mix of Game of Thrones, Chronicles of Narnia, A Court Of Thorns And Roses, and Lord Of The Rings.  All of these are book series that I’ve enjoyed, though I tend to avoid the movie and TV productions of them.


Lord Of The Rings Mug

This is a very pretty mug and it had extra bubble wrap around it to make sure it arrived in one piece.  It has a vinyl image applied to it and that will make it hand wash only.  I am always happy to get a new mug and this one will join the racks once I can get it soaped up.


Lord Of The Rings Leaves Of Lorien Lemon Tea

This is a small bag of tea but should still give at least five cups worth.  It is a blend of green tea, lemon, lemongrass, lemon balm, and marigold flowers.  I have so much tea right now but at least this means I don’t have to buy any for a while.


Chronicles Of Narnia Tea Strainer

Just to complete the things you’d need to make a cuppa, here is a strainer for that loose tea they shipped.  It has a couple of charms on the handle, one is a tiny book and the other is a glass bubble with part of a page from the book in it.  I do not have a strainer like this and am excited to give it a try.


A Court Of Mist And Fury Galaxy Ring

This is one of the items that I don’t care much for.  Even if I was a huge fan of this book, this is one of those ring types that you just can’t wear in a regular situation.  Besides being huge it doesn’t tighten up enough to stay on my finger.  The girls will get it to play with and be happy.


Chronicles Of Narnia Vanilla Mint Lip Balm

It is very very faint but there is the castle on the label of this balm.  The mint part tingles on the lips and blends well with the vanilla.  It feels smooth on my lips and I will add this to my collection and use it in turn.


A COurt Of Mist And Fury Postcard Print

This is a great statement and I think this is one that will be framed and hung.  It is printed on thick paper and for shipping, it is wrapped in a protective plastic.  I am very happy with this print.

For my first box from them, I am impressed.  The covered the theme pretty well and the items are well crafted.  You can see that they take care to source quality items and the ones they make have the same level of care.  The only complaint that I have is that the info card is the same one they use for the people who got the shirt option, which doesn’t actually seem to be an option anymore, so it looks like I was missing an item even though I was aware that I didn’t choose that plan.  You can sign up for this box either on their website or find them on CrateJoy.



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