Sunday Mood Box August 2017

Sunday Mood is a monthly box that includes a mix of indie brands, vegan beauty lines, all-natural bath & beauty products, handmade jewelry, cool niche household items, art, specialty teas, and healthy treats.  They offer to different sizes of box, a sample box that has 2-3 deluxe samples and 1 full-size item or the full-size box that contains 4-6 full-size products.  They are priced at $25 and $44 but do go down with longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $10 per box.  This is another one I picked up on Mother’s Day for 50% off or I would never have given it a go.  There was an additional Customs charge when it arrived, so that is something to keep in mind if you order.


This month there was no info card in the box with the items.  I guess they took it easy for the summer box.  There is an abundance of squiggles though, just to balance out the paper consumption.


Superfood Health Warrior Coconut Chia Bar-$1.67

This little bar is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and vegan.  I love coconut and am always looking for snacks that I can take to work to get me through the day.  This bar also is only 110 calories so it’s not as horrible for me as some other things I could be eating.

Fruity Beauty Shampoo & Cerberus Conditioner-$14.95 each

Holy cow! A beauty box actually sent out a shampoo and conditioner in the same box.  These are Canadian made, organic, with ethically sourced ingredients, and vegan.  The shampoo is a strengthening formula safe for all hair types.  The conditioner is great for dry hair and has three hydrating oils to add shine as well.


Foxbrim Makeup Remover-$13.95

This remover contains a blend of four oils to clean, soften, and prevent breakouts.  It also moisturizes as you remove the makeup so you are not drying out your skin and stripping off the good parts that keep you looking young.  I have been finding that oils work well on my skin type and while I wouldn’t purchase them if I get them in a box I’m all for using them up.

I am happy with the box this month. Most of the items this month are great and I can’t wait to use them.  The value for this month is $45.52.  That is okay but I’d rather not have had the Customs fee on top.  With the discount I got I feel like the Queen of the world with this one.  I love it!!!  If you go to check it out they do have a code on their site that says will get you some type of a discount upon checkout.


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