The Penalty Box July 2017

The Penalty Box is a monthly subscription that sends out items for hockey players.  They promise to include basic items, skills training, performance wear, and deals.  They offer two different plans, The Minor Leaguer, and The Penalty Box.  Whichever one you choose, you then get to pick from three age levels, Age 13 and Under, 13+, and Beer Leaguer, which determines the items that will be in your box.  Prices start at $29.99 a month and go up from there.  They also do a Grab Bag for $21.99 a month that is a mix of anything. They have an online shop that sells some items individually as well.  My Hubby has been after me for a while to find him a box and one that is hockey related to boot.  That has been impossible until this one so let’s see if we can make him happy with whatever is inside. I also want to mention that I only know things about hockey that have been absorbed by osmosis so if I’m wildly off in describing something, that’s why.

The logo has changed up this month, though the box is the same size as it always has been.  Things look pretty full once I got it open.


They have a card included that tells you a message from the founder instead of an item list.  This time it’s letting you know the box was a little late due to a shipment issue but it wasn’t that bad from our normal.


Howies Friction Hockey Tape-$4.25

This tape is tacky on both sides so that you get more control over the puck.  We have received this before but I’m not sure how it went over.  I can only see this as being a good thing since I’ve seen this team play before.


Howies Hockey Stick Wax-$6.00

Okay…this smells amazing!!!  I want to rub it all over or lick it or something.  The actual use is to add grip to your stick for puck control while preventing ice and snow build-up on the blade.  I have never seen this in our house before but it might just live in a hockey bag and that is a no go zone for me.  In a side note… says do not eat on the back so I’m not the only one who thinks it smells good.  However, this is also a duplicate item for us.


Howie’s 3’x6yd Black Flex Wrap Roll-$4.50

I think this is a fantastic thing to have included in the box.  We did receive a very similar item a few months ago.  This wrap is great for wrists and ankles to stabilize them.  My hubby tells me that hockey players also use this to wrap the butts of their sticks which I think is a horrible waste of a good product.  Maybe I should just keep this so it isn’t wasted that way?


No Sweat Sweat Absorbing Disposable Helmet Liner-$6.99

This is a three pack of breathable material liners that stick into the front of your helmet to absorb the sweat before it can run down your head and into your eyes.  It also stops your helmet from smelling because of that sweat.  These are really neat and something we will be trying for the first time.


Howie’s Boil N’ Bite Mouthguard-$3.00

While I understand that these are things that should be worn and used all the time, it doesn’t happen in this house.  This is another item that had a very similar duplicate sent out two months ago.  20170802_185600

Howie’s Winter Beanie-$14.99

Who doesn’t want a new toque as winter gets closer?  This one feels thick and not cheap.  It has the Howie’s printed on both sides.  It’s a strong Canadian colour, so it’ll get used.

I wasn’t sure what types of things this box would send out and whether or not my hubby would like it.  Turns out, this is everything he could want in a hockey box.  It gave him a bunch of useful items that he would be buying anyway, plus some things that are helpful to his game.  This box had a value of $39.72, which is higher than I last month but still way too low for what the box costs.   I have a few more months to go and then we’ll see if we renew.  I know Hubs is thrilled and wants it to be one we keep so we might have to work out a deal where I get back rubs or something.  If you want to check them out visit


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