Annie’s Creative Woman Kit-Of-The-Month Club July 2017

Annie’s Creative Woman sends out a complete craft kit once a month so you can try and learn new crafts.  Crafts could include painting, beading, needlecrafts, memory crafts, soap-making, mosaics, card-making or anything really.  You get your first month at half price and then pay regular price for all successive months.  There are shipping charges applied as well.  Each month the kit will be billed to you for $19.99.  I am always on the lookout for new crafts and kits are so much less hassle because you get everything you need.


This is the front of the booklet that comes in your package.  It shows you a completed picture of the craft you’ll be doing, in this case, a Birthday Reminder Book.  It also lists technique you’re learning, Book Making.


Inside are full-colour images and step-by-step instructions to complete your craft.  They are very easy to follow and explain things in ways that don’t assume you have a base knowledge of the craft.  20170731_172808_001

In this kit are chipboard book covers, printed papers, calendar pages, chipboard die cuts, rub-on transfers, silver loose-leaf rings, a wooden craft stick, grosgrain ribbons, and glitter.  They expect you to provide scissors, a ruler, a stapler, hole punch, and craft glue.  All of those things are basic and probably found in any crafters house anyways.

This is not a craft I would ever have picked up and tried.  It feels too much like scrapbooking for my taste and I do not get that at all.  That being said I will make this craft and see how it goes.  I did contact customer service with this because I had been billed twice before I had received anything.  They did respond and let me know I should get a package by the end of this month but didn’t mention the fact that there were two billings before a package arrived.  We’ll see how it is going forward but that doesn’t make me feel great about the service.


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