The Penalty Box May 2017

The Penalty Box is a monthly subscription that sends out items for hockey players.  They promise to include basic items, skills training, performance wear, and deals.  They offer two different plans, The Minor Leaguer, and The Penalty Box.  Whichever one you choose, you then get to pick from three age levels, Age 13 and Under, 13+, and Beer Leaguer, which determines the items that will be in your box.  Prices start at $29.99 a month and go up from there.  They also do a Grab Bag for $21.99 a month that is a mix of anything. They have an online shop that sells some items individually as well.  My Hubby has been after me for a while to find him a box and one that is hockey related to boot.  That has been impossible until this one so let’s see if we can make him happy with whatever is inside. I also want to mention that I only know things about hockey that have been absorbed by osmosis so if I’m wildly off in describing something, that’s why.

The box came as usual.  This month there was no list of items included but May is not the month when too many are thinking about hockey.


A&R Mouthguard-$1.49

This is a moldable mouth guard.  You pop it in boiling water, dip it in cold, and then put it in your mouth and bite down.  I don’t think that my Hubby wears one of these when he plays but maybe he should start as I don’t want to be married to the toothless wonder because he thought he was in the playoffs.


Howies USA Flag Hockey Tape-$4.50

I think that if this was just a striped roll of tape it would go over better here.  I don’t know that this will get used very much with the American flag on it.  Maybe there is an American on the team that will be happy to use this or it will end up on practice sticks to use it up.


A&R Shin Straps-$8.99

These are to be used in place of tape to keep your socks up.  There are four straps on the package, two for the upper leg and two for the lower.  They are 2″ wide elastic with Velcro closures.


Howies Friction Hockey Tape-$4.25

This tape is tacky on both sides so that you get more control over the puck.  We have received this before but I’m not sure how it went over.  I can only see this as being a good thing since I’ve seen this team play before.


Tacki-Mac Command Grip-$5.25

This is the grip that goes on the top of your stick.  It replaces the tape that would normally be there.  It has its own double sided tape that it comes with that you apply first, get that wet, and slide on the cover.  The website that sells them has some interesting ways of describing this item.  You can check it out for yourself here.


A&R Chin Strap-$5.99

This is another item in this box that might not get used by my Hubby.  This is a chin strap that is more highly suited to a younger player.  We know a few of those so I’m thinking this will find a home somewhere.


A&R Multi-Tool Screwdriver-$9.99

This is a small tool that you can keep in your hockey bag.  You can use this to attach visors or cages, repair helmets, or adjust masks.  It gives you a Phillips head, flat head, and an Allen wrench.  I’m sure this will be a great addition to the bench and locker room.

I wasn’t sure what types of things this box would send out and whether or not my hubby would like it.  Turns out, this is everything he could want in a hockey box.  It gave him a bunch of useful items that he would be buying anyway, plus some things that are helpful to his game.  This box had a value of $40.46, which is very low and less then the box price.  I have a few more months to go and then we’ll see if we renew.  I know Hubs is thrilled and wants it to be one we keep so we might have to work out a deal where I get back rubs or something.  If you want to check them out visit

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