LookFantastic Beauty Box June 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box is a box from the UK and you will receive a minimum of six products.   Those products will be an assortment of skin, hair, cosmetic and body products.  There also are sometimes high-value surprises added to a few boxes randomly.  They promise to have a much higher value than what you pay each month as well.  They have free worldwide delivery on the boxes or things you order from the website. Boxes are $26 a month but go down with 3,6 or 12-month subscriptions.  Shipping was pretty quick for overseas and I received tracking notices as well.  The stuff I’ve been getting in this box has been really nice.  This one was a find and I really enjoy it.  I had ended my subscription but with the exchange rate being better right now and the fact that I love this box I signed back up.

The box is very colourful this month.  The theme is Wanderlust and I’m going to guess this is full of things I could take on the road with me.

They have a mini mag that tells you all about your items, lifestyle tips, and beauty options.  They also include the latest copy of ElleUK magazine.


Kerastase Shampoo-$7.90 80mL

Well, I’m going to start by complaining about getting only a shampoo and not the matching conditioner.  Now that that’s out of the way, I’m kinda excited about this.  This is a brand I’ve never tried and have always wanted to.  This version of it is a strengthening shampoo and I can use that with my long hair.  It looks like maybe there were different versions sent out to people.


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads-$21.24

These pads are filled with toner so you can swipe them across your face and neck after cleansing.  They have a blend of lactic and glycolic acids in them that is supposed to help refresh and revitalise your skin.


Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser-$16.99

This is not the nicest smelling lotion but it is supposed to help reduce shine, brighten the skin, and even out skin tone.  If it can do all of that just a little bit, then it is worth the smell.  It absorbed into my skin very quickly and it feels soft and smooth.


Hailey Baldwin for Model Co Super Lips Lipgloss in Beige-$15.00

I’m guessing a bit on the price of this one as I don’t know how big the actual one is but this is 3mL.  I was concerned about the shade but once you get it spread around on your lips it is fine.  It smells like fruit too!  It is not sticky on my lips at all.


Bellapierre Shimmer Highlighter in Excite-$17.70

This is a white powder that can be used as a highlighter or a shadow.  It is very shimmery and since I don’t use highlighters, this is going to become an eyeshadow for me.  I like the shade and will just have to be gentle with how much I use.


Monu Rosewood Reviving Mist-$5.73

This is a facial mist of lemon, rosewood, and sandalwood to revive you and your fatigued skin.  It will even fix your makeup on days that are warm and might cause melting.  I use facial mists all the time in the summer to keep me up and this will be a good addition to that.

This month has a value of $84.56.  The mix of items was great, once again. The best part about LookFantastic is that they have sales all the time and free worldwide shipping so if you want more of anything or find other things on their site it’s simple to get.  I’m really glad I went for them again and the new billing procedure is simpler than before so there are no worries there. This is my last box from them again and I’m sad but I think it’s time to try new things.  If you are looking for a beauty box to try, this would have to be my recommendation, hands down.

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