Teacher’s Black Box June 2017

Teacher’s  Black Box is a box of items which will include “basic and innovative supplies to enhance their educational impact”.  Now I am not a teacher but if you put a chance to get stationery in front of me, there’s only a small chance I’ll turn it down.  They also say there will be a snack in every box.  Boxes start at $20.00 but go down with longer terms.  Normally the shipping on this one would have stopped me from ordering but they were offering a promo code “ONETIME” that gave you free shipping on orders over $50.  That code is still valid so make sure you use it if you want to sign up.  Let’s see what joy they have delivered to me today.


This time instead of the normal black box, a bubble envelope showed up.


There is a little paper that tells us that the items in this months box are designed to let you enjoy summer vacation.  Since the box is for teachers, that makes perfect sense.


Fidget Spinner

I don’t need one of these for myself as I just don’t know why you would want to do this, but we have one the girls got and they love it.  This will stop the fights since they can each have one to play with now.  This one is more grown up than the flower one we have but I think they can handle it.


Google Virtual Reality Cardboard Headset

This folds out into a headset that you wear and stick your phone in and use with Google Expeditions to have a VR experience.  This isn’t really great for me as I had a “real” VR headset and used it twice before I gave it away.  This is going to go straight into the donate bin.


Finger Moistener

They recommend using these to turn the pages of the books you read on vacation until next fall when you can use them to grade papers.  I won’t use them for that but I love these things!  I have used them before when I had a job involving lots of paper sorting but I will just find an excuse to use them now.


Screen Wipes

I need these so badly for all my screens that it’s not even funny.  I don’t notice the dirty on them until the sun hit it and then I wonder how I even saw anything on my screen.  There are not too many in this pack but I will save them and use them carefully.


Colouring Book Planner and Coloured Pencils

I think this is the reason for the different shipping container this month.  It is big and I live it!  I have a few colouring books but don’t really have the time to devote to it.  Having the colouring page in a planner I can leave open and work on in spare moments at work means I should be able to get it in.  This planner starts now and runs to July of next year.


Fruit Snack

They remembered the snack this month and it’s going to work with me tomorrow!

This month was just okay for me.   Normally a few of the things are really great and a couple are not for me, but that’s only because I’m not a teacher.  I can see how these things would be useful for a teacher and they also work well for those of us who love these things.  There was a treat this time.  I’m not sure how any of these particular items are innovative but maybe I’m missing that part of it.   You can find this box on CrateJoy if you are interested.


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