Rosalette Beauty Bag July 2017

Rosalette Beauty Bag is a monthly subscription that sends out makeup and beauty products.  They offer a few different plans, either 4 sample sized products or 5-6 products, mixed between sample and full sized.  Plans start at $13.90 a month and there are added shipping costs.  If you subscribe for a year there are discounts.  I have no beauty bags left in my sub rotation so I was on the lookout for a cheaper one to get me some fun things.  I chose the Deluxe Bag, which is the bigger of the two.  The do send out shipping notices so that’s nice and it turns out that they are a Canadian company too!!!!


They have changed the shiny gold bag to a red organza one for this month.  I’m not sure f it’s just a coincidence or if they are showing their Canadian pride.  All bags like this go to my Mom as I don’t have a use for them and I don’t want to throw them out.

They don’t have an info card but there is this Thank You card and a reminder that they would love a share on social media. #rosalettebeauty


Trust Fund Beauty Polish in What’s A Budget-$15.00

This is such a fun summer shade of nail polish.  It is a bright baby blue that will be noticed.  This polish is non-toxic and 7 free along with being vegan and cruelty-free.I have received other items from this brand before and have always found them to be good.  Nail polish is something I would be happy to get very rarely though as I have more than enough and I don’t put it on too often.


Hanna Organic Skincare Gentle Toner-$7.00 30mL

I love getting toner in boxes because it almost never happens!  This toner is made to be sprayed directly onto your face but that never works for me all that well so I think I’ll spray onto a cotton pad and wipe it on.  It has a slightly unpleasant smell to it but it fades fast so it’s not a huge deal.  This toner is supposed to soothe, hydrate, and restore skin’s pH levels.  It is also good for all skin types.


Cosmoholic Liquid Lipstick in Prudish Pink-$10.00

This is an item I am torn about.  On one hand, I love anything that is a lip product.  On the other, liquid lipstick is the one thing I could live without.  I cannot get the application of these things right.  It is so thick and doesn’t glide on like gloss does from the same applicator.  With all that being said, this one is okay and not sticky at all. The colour is not all that great for me, it’s a little light and doesn’t look right when I put it on.  Let’s hope it’s that I’m a little red from the sun today and it looks better next time I try it.


Medusa’s Make-Up Witch Lash Mascara-$12.00

This must be a new item out there because I’ve seen it popping up in other subscription boxes as well as this one.  I was noticing today when I went to get a new tube from my stash that it was getting low so this it welcome to join it.  This is a lengthening and volumizing mascara and it has a rubber brush.  I don’t know how that helps me but it sounds good.


Jersey Shore Cosmetics My Lash Secret Curler-$30.00

Ugh.  I hate eyelash curlers and never, ever, ever use one.  I’m so sad this is the big item in the box and it’s a waste for me.  I know I’m in the minority on this one and that lots of people would be thrilled to get this but it does nothing for me.  I’m sure it’s lovely though.

I am very happy with my third box from them, minus the curler.  There is a great mix of beauty products and they’ve given me the makeup I’ve been missing from my other boxes.  The value of this month is a whopping $74.00.  That is great and so much higher than the price of the box.  The shipping was quick as well since they are Canadian and only a province over from me.  If you want to try them out they have a coupon that will get you 10% off any subscription, just type ROSALETTE at checkout.


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