Sunday Mood Box June 2017

Sunday Mood is a monthly box that includes a mix of indie brands, vegan beauty lines, all natural bath & beauty products, handmade jewelry, cool niche household items, art, specialty teas, and healthy treats.  They offer to different sizes of box, a sample box that has 2-3 deluxe samples and 1 full-size item or the full-size box that contains 4-6 full-size products.  They are priced at $25 and $44 but do go down with longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $10 per box.  This is another one I picked up on Mother’s Day for 50% off or I would never have given it a go.  There was an additional Customs charge when it arrived, so that is something to keep in mind if you order.

The box is fairly thin and has the name stamped on.  That paper you can see hanging down is the Customs form.  Once I opened it up, I could see it was well packed and the items had arrived safely snuggled in their squiggles.

They do include an info card in the box.  I’m not sure it the Gypsy is the theme or not but it could be.  On the back is the list of the items, the supplier, the value, and social media links for them.


Green Beau Tea Blend-$10.00

This is a tea blend of green tea, rose petals, and rose hips.  You can drink this as a tea, use it as a facial steam, or in a magic ritual if that’s your thing.  I have a cup of tea every night before bed and I have many tea balls to choose from to make this tea in.


Agate Clay Soap-$10.00

This soap is handmade using vegan ingredients and colours from plants or the earth.  This one has swirls of clay, spirulina, paprika, and indigo.  It smells slightly like pink grapefruit and will be a nice soap to use.


Eco Exotic Bronzer-$23.00

As you can see this opened slightly but it was sealed on the outside so there was no mess.  It is a bronzer powder but it has absolutely no shimmer at all.  I use all bronzers as blush since I cannot apply them as anything else.  This should give me a good tanned colour and hopefully look good.


Vegan Kabuki Brush-$15.00

This brush is made by the same company that does the bronzer and can easily be put to use with it.  It will also work for foundation, blush, or powder.  The bristles are very soft but still hold their shape well and don’t shed.


Cobalt Aura Quartz Crystal Necklace-$30.00

This necklace is beautiful.  It is a piece of raw cobalt crystal on a silver chain.  The crystal benefits the throat chakra and inspires creativity and healing.  Those both seem like a good combination to wear often.


Vegan Star Child Celestial Body Oil-$12.00

This blend of eight oils can be used as a bath additive or rubbed directly onto the body.  It helps to promote optimism and hope and to help you believe in your dreams.  I love the blue mica in it that will add shimmer.  It does absorb well and you don’t need a ton of it to cover an area.  It smells amazing!  I want to rub this all over my body!

I am so unbelievably impressed with this box!  All of the items this month are great and I can’t wait to use them.  The value for this month is $100.00.  That makes that Customs fee okay!  With the discount I got I feel like the Queen of the world with this one.  I love it!!!  If you go to check it out they do have a code on their site that says will get you some type of a discount upon checkout.

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