Rosalette Beauty Bag June 2017

Rosalette Beauty Bag is a monthly subscription that sends out makeup and beauty products.  They offer a few different plans, either 4 sample sized products or 5-6 products, mixed between sample and full sized.  Plans start at $13.90 a month and there are added shipping costs.  If you subscribe for a year there are discounts.  I have no beauty bags left in my sub rotation so I was on the lookout for a cheaper one to get me some fun things.  I chose the Deluxe Bag, which is the bigger of the two.  The do send out shipping notices so that’s nice and it turns out that they are a Canadian company too!!!!


They sent another gold bag out.  It fits well in the bubble mailer they ship it in.

They still didn’t have an info card in there but this time they did include a thank you and a reminder to share the on social media. #rosalettebeauty

Gold Eye Gels-$4.25

These are made by a brand I’ve never heard of but it seems to be all hand made and sold online.  These are used to help depuff and destress your eye area.  I like to use these as I can still go about what I’m doing and have them on.


Radiant Gold Leaf Highlighter-$22.00

This highlighter stick contains real gold leaf to add more shimmer to wherever you need it.  They recommend using this everywhere from your lips to your shoulders.  It blends well and leaves just a  dusting of glitter where you’ve rubbed it.  I love me some glitter and shimmer so this makes me happy.

Medusa’s Make-Up Blush in Dangerous Liason-$12.00

This is a vegan blush that is even pinker in person than it looks in the pictures.  I really don’t know if I’ll be able to pull this off.  It’s very much something that belongs in the 80’s and maybe should have stayed there.


MintPear C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum-$42.13

Holy Strawberries Batman, this stuff is expensive.  This serum seems to do just about everything.  It says it will reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, boost collagen, fade sun & age spots and improved skin firming, brightening, and tone for a smoother, fresher, more revitalized youthful complexion.  It is very thin and leaks out of this tube quickly.


Akar Skin Ruby Tint Lip Butter-$3.67

This is another new brand for me.  They are Tibetan inspired and natural.  There are no petroleum oils in this balm and is tinted with a root.  It feels great on my lips and the colour is very slight.

I am very happy with my second box from them.  There is a great mix of beauty products and they’ve given me the makeup I’ve been missing from my other boxes.  The value of this month is a whopping $84.05.  That is great and so much higher than the price of the box.  The shipping was quick as well since they are Canadian and only a province over from me.  If you want to try them out they have a coupon that will get you 10% off any subscription, just type ROSALETTE at checkout.

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