Bitchy Box TOM May 2017

Bitchy Box is a TOM box with a difference.  They don’t provide feminine hygiene items, but instead items to help you get through that time of the month.  They will fill the box with a variety of sweet treats, salty snacks, and handpicked gifts.  They endeavor to make sure you don’t stab anyone while you are riding some fun hormonal shifts.  They have 3,6, or 12-month plans available, starting at $66.00, plus shipping to Canada.  I had seen some other people’s boxes from them and thought they looked fun so I’m trying them out.

There was nothing to see at the first glance in this box.  After pulling out the info card and peeling back the paper I could definitely see things that peaked my interest.

Harebrained “Crimson Wave” Period Panties-$9.00

These ones are not my absolute favourite ones that they have on their site but they are still fun.  The idea is a play on a line from Clueless.  I have high hopes for some of the next ones that I might receive.


Fred and Friends Tea Infuser-Manatea-$10.00

This is a great little infuser.  I actually already have one of these but since my Hubby is currently using it, this way I get my own back.  You just fill it up with loose tea and hang him on your cup.  Cute and useful….kinda like my husband I guess.

Loose Leaf Karma Tea Sampler in Rishi Hibiscus-$1.99

Conveniently with the infuser, they have sent out a loose leaf tea to use in it.  There were five possible blends you could receive. These are all made by hand from an Etsy shop and since I do drink a cup of tea every night (even in the summer) I like knowing I am not in danger of running out.


Tony Moly I’m Real Seaweed Sheet Mask-$3.00

Tony Moly is probably my favourite Asian beauty brand.  Everything I’ve tried from them has been great and they have the cutest packaging ever.  This mask is for skin purifying and contains seaweed extracts to get that job done.


Mike and Ike Sour-Licious Green Apple Candy-$2.91

This was supposed to be a scalp massager but they were late in receiving them to add to the boxes and so sent out a message letting us know that they would ship them later and to enjoy the extra candy they added in instead.  I’m okay with the switch and since the massager will show up at some point, I’m not concerned.


Sweet’s Salt Water Taffy-$0.97

I love salt water taffy and to get this bag of it and have it still be soft and wonderful is great.  I can’t wait to have a few pieces and enjoy them.


Blue Q Socks Pizza Fixes Everything Ankle Socks-$9.99

These are not on the info card either so I’m not sure if they are a bonus or just more replacement for the massager.  They are fun and I love crazy socks so these are perfect for me.

I could not for the life of me get this to load at the top of this post but I’m glad it’s there now.  The info card lists your items and inside has some recipes based on the theme.  They also list all of their social media links.

This month had another great selection of things.  I think that they really nailed the theme this month!  Everything in the box is made to make you feel better and less worked up about things that may go on for this time of the month.  The value this month is $37.86.  Finally we get a box that meets the value paid!  I’m not sure if it was a glitch because if the extras of what but I’m happy.



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