Terra Bella Box June 2017

Terra Bella Box is a monthly subscription that sends out 3 to 4 natural beauty products.  They also offer a Makeup version that has 3 items in it.  You can get a monthly plan or 3 and 6 month plans in either version.  Boxes start at $32.95 a month and there is a shipping fee to Canada.  That is way, way more than I want to pay for a box and so I had refrained from getting this one until I found it on 50% off for Mother’s Day.  I went with the standard box and they always ship out the Welcome Box as your first one so you get an idea of what you can expect from them and you can get your first one quickly.

This month my box showed up in one of those bags that Canada Post provides because your package is damaged.  In my case, the damage was a very soft box and a strong smell coming from it.  Once I got it open I could see that something had leaked.

They have an info card that tells you the company and name of the items you’re receiving, a little about them, and the value of the item.


The Preserve Company Hand & Body Scrub in Georgia-Florida State Line-$20.00

This scrub smells good and odd at the same time.  You get the citrus part but the peach seems very fake and artificial.  The scrub is a little dry but that won’t affect the usage of this one.  It is a good size tub and I will get a few whole body rubs out of it for sure.


Sugar Shak Banana Cream Bath Bomb-$4.29

I am running low on bath bombs so this one comes at the right time.  This might be the least exciting scent for me as I hate banana smells.  This bomb is made with vitamin E, aloe vera, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and shea and cocoa butter.


Indigo Wild Zum Wash in Sea Salt-$13.50

This is the item that leaked.  The lid came loose and that caused the problems.  I reached out to Terra Bella box and they said that while they were sold out of this box they would gladly send me one of four choices of a replacement item.  Considering that nothing else was damaged, I am very happy with that.  This soap is very smelly and I can still use what’s left in the bottle.


Modish Polish Nail Polish in Control Freak-$12.00

Wow is this ever a red colour!  Modish polishes are 5-free and cruelty-free as well.  They are made to be fast-drying and chip resistant.  I’ve put it on my toes and it is so red and dark.  I’m not sure that this will ever make it to my fingers but it is a great polish.

I had always thought the items I’d seen others getting were good and now that I’ve tried it I can be certain.  The value of this months box is $49.79, which would be good if I’d paid full price and is great with the deal I used.  I don’t normally purposefully seek out natural products but they do work great and it can’t be bad for me to use them.

LoveLula Beauty Box June 2017

LoveLula Beauty Box is a UK box that is filled with natural beauty products and brands without having to purchase the full sized versions first.  Individual boxes are $52.50 British Pounds a month or a yearly option of $210 British Pounds.  That price includes the shipping fee.  I have had great luck with the other British box I get so while the British exchange was down a bit I went ahead and got this one.

The box once again made it safely across the ocean and to my front door.  Things inside were all packed into the squiggles that I hate but whatever makes things not be broken must be tolerated.

They have an info card that gives you a code to get a discount on all the brands in the box on one side and a listing of all the included items on the other.



Madara Daily Defence Ultra Rich Balm-$?

This is an all-over lotion that should rescue dry and rough skin.  It is made for extreme weather conditions and is very thick.   It is organic and so has that odd smell that most good for you beauty products have.  I’m sure that it will work very well though.


Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme in Antique Pink-$33.80

This is a liquid lipstick.  I have a few of them, not from this brand but they are not my favourite type of lipstick.  They are very thick and hard to apply, I find.  The colour is good for me and it dries fast, leaving it smudge proof.  It is sticky though if I rub my lips together.  This one will take some getting use to.

Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask with Muslin Cloth-$6.78

This mask powder just needs water added to make a paste.  You apply it, let it dry, and then wipe off using the cloth. The mask draws out impurities as it dries and then you wipe them all away, while gently exfoliating.


John Masters Lavender, Rose Geranium, & Ylang Ylang Soap-$5.07

This soap smells very strong but nice.  I think it will leave my skin scented for the whole day.  There are two sizes of this available and this is the smaller one.  I hope that this lathers well since I find their shampoo to not lather at all.

The LoveLula box is always nice.  It is full of skincare products but that is mostly what they have on their site so it’s not a surprise.  The value this time is $45.65 plus the lotion and there were three full sized items. I’m not always going to seek out natural products but everything I’ve tried has worked well and if I had a complaint, it would be that some of them have quite strong smells that I don’t particularity enjoy.



Earth Wax and Fire June 2017

Earth Wax and Fire is an Israeli subscription that sends out an artisanal candle and a matching ceramic bowl.  You can get a month-to-month plan, or go for a 3,6, or12-month plan.  Plans start at $27.00 a month but go down with the longer ones.  Shipping to here was an additional $11.00 a month.  This normally would be above my comfort price but I signed up on Mother’s Day weekend and they had a 50% code for a 6-month plan.  That definitely made the decision easier.  I have a candle burning every evening so I am on the lookout for them always.  The pictures they have on their site were beautiful so I have hopes for this box.


The box is the same as last month.  It came fully wrapped in butcher paper and taped all up for the shipping and then inside was this one.


Things are packed nicely inside as well.  There is not much room for movement and so everything stays safe.

Once you get it all out you can see there are four packages and some cards.  The cards have a note from the owner, a coupon, and information about the items on them.  I think it’s a great method and really enjoy learning about the items individually.  The title of this months combo is Love And Flowers.


Handmade Ceramic “Ahava” Bowl

It’s a little hard to see in the picture but there is an inscription in the bottom of the bowl.  It is the Hebrew word for love.  It is dishwasher safe if you wanted to use it for small foods or sauces after it does its job as a candle holder.


“Desire Lips” Floating Flower Candle

This candle smells beautiful.  It is a blend of rose, jasmine, and patchouli.  It has a burn time of five hours and can be a floating candle if you want it to be.

The other items this month to round out the box are Flowers of Israel card game and Artisanal Flower Stickers.  I hope the card game has some English instructions or this will just be a pretty bunch of flower pictures to look at.

I am so impressed with this box.  The level of detail provided and the care in selecting and packing it is first class.  They have reached out a few times to see what my choices would be and been polite and friendly each time.  I know this is a slightly higher priced subscription when it’s not on sale but I honestly believe it would be worth it.  You can currently save 10% off a plan using the code SAVE10 at checkout.

Mighty Fix June 2017

Mighty Fix is a monthly subscription that sends you one product a month that can help your family live healthier.  Boxes start at $10.00 per month and there is a slight discount for a yearly join.  Shipping to Canada is $3.00 per month and free to the US.  You also have the option to add any items from their shop to your order each month with no extra shipping fees.  They also send out emails with member only deals on items all through the month.  This was another one I had really wanted to try but they’ve only recently opened up shipping to Canada.  Once I found that out I jumped on board to see what I could get that would make my life healthier and hopefully easier too.


For the first time of my subscription, they shipped this in something other than a mailer bag.  We got a box this month and it made me curious as to what I might find inside.

Folded down in the bottom of the box was the info card.  It tells you about what you received and why it makes sense for them to ship this out.  On the back is a recipe that would be perfect to put into what they shipped this month.

Wean Green Lunch Cube-$10.45

This month we have a reusable glass storage container.  It has a two cup volume and is leakproof.  There is no leaching of chemicals from glass and it is freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.  The container is made from tempered glass which is apparently stronger than standard glass so it should be harder to break and won’t scratch, stain, or smell.

I’m very happy with the offerings this month.  This is something we will for sure use. I’m getting to try some things I’m sure I would never just buy and they are easy ways to make simple changes to try and keep my home and family in better health.  I’m glad that they opened up to Canada and can’t wait to see what other crazy things they send me next.

Bitchy Box TOM June 2017

Bitchy Box is a TOM box with a difference.  They don’t provide feminine hygiene items, but instead items to help you get through that time of the month.  They will fill the box with a variety of sweet treats, salty snacks, and handpicked gifts.  They endeavor to make sure you don’t stab anyone while you are riding some fun hormonal shifts.  They have 3,6, or 12-month plans available, starting at $66.00, plus shipping to Canada.  I had seen some other people’s boxes from them and thought they looked fun so I’m trying them out.

This month instead of the normal box they shipped everything in a bubble mailer.  They added a sticker onto it that asked us to pretend it was the normal box as an item wouldn’t fit and they had to go this route.

As usual, they included an info card.  It tells you that the theme this month is “Mythical Uteru-Corn” and the items you can expect to find. They also have a few recipes that relate to the theme.

Harebrained “Rainbo: First Blood” Period Panties-$12.00

Getting a new pair of these panties each month makes the box for me.  They are so fun and I wear them all month, not just during that special time.  These ones are a play on Rambo and fit the Unicorn theme too.


Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing The Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth-$7.99

This colouring book has eighteen pictures that explain why unicorns are not the super awesome best animals you think they are.  I like that the pages are thick, you can use markers without worrying about them bleeding through.  It has a few blank pages at the back as well.

Reusable Magic Heating Pad-$1.27

This is one of those heating pads where you crack the disk inside and it heats up and then you submerge it to reset it.  It kinda looks like a boob implant actually and I wasn’t sure at first what they had sent me.  It’s good for about 300 uses, so it should last me a while.


Unicorn Hair Tie-$1.24

I like this kind of hair ties.  This one is very cute with the unicorns on it and the saying on the card.  I keep these everywhere and use them often.

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen-Unicorn Yack

Fruity Pebbles are so hard to find here.  This was made up by the owners of the box and I can’t wait to have it.  I have a serious lack of ability to make any type of square like this so when it comes to me from the universe I take it gratefully.


Unicorn Pop-$1.19

I love a good sucker and this is one that won’t be going to the girls.  The only thing that makes it special is that it looks like a unicorn’s horn.  This is pure sugar and sometimes that is exactly what you need to get through the day.

This month had another great selection of things.  I think that they really nailed the theme this month!  Everything in the box is made to make you feel better and less worked up about things that may go on for this time of the month.  The value this month is $23.69 plus the square.  We are back to not meeting the price but since everything in here makes me happy I’m going to let it slide.


Fred’s Box Mystery Subscription Box June 2017

Fred’s Box is a monthly subscription full of things for kids 3 and over.  In the Mystery Box, you get a book, an Ooshie or Crayola funky shapes, depending on the age of the recipient, pencil, sticker, postcards, and some mystery items. You can get this box as a twin version to get double the goodies.  There is a straight Ooshies box that saves you from having to try to collect them one at a time as well, in 4 sizes.  Boxes start at $3.99 British Pounds and go up from there.  Shipping to Canada is 54 pence a month.  I decided to go with the Mystery Box for Bug and since her birthday is soon, I aged her up to 6 for the books.  They shipped out quite quickly after ordering and now we get to check out what’s inside.

The box is made to fit through a letterbox so it’s very thin.  On the top is a sticker that is personalized to the child.  Inside it tells you who packed the box and then everything else is hidden under some tissue paper and a card.

The card included is a Thank You for ordering and lets you know where you can contact them and that they have a contest that runs every other month.


Goldilocks and The Wolf

This is a book that is made for beginning readers.  It is a Jumble of two fairy tales into one and in the second to the last tier of the reading levels for this series.  Bug is not reading on her own yet but she does recognize words and it’s good to add a new book to her collection.


White Lantern Superman Ooshie

This little guy is super cute!  He is a squishy little character that can also be used as a pencil topper.  My girls are very into superheroes and little blind bag items so I think this will make their day.

There is a purple pencil crayon that is branded with the name, a sticker for Bug, and four blank postcards that can be decorated and mailed.

The mystery items for this month were definitely packed with a knowledge of kids and what they are into.  There is a Shopkins slap bracelet, Shopkins rubber bracelet set, a floral fidget spinner, and a package of Disney Princess Trading Cards.  All of these things are going to be such a hit with the girls that I don’t even know how to contain the screaming that will happen.

This box is great fun.  The girls are going to be very happy with all the toys in it and the book has already been given the thumb’s up.  There is an opportunity for creativity with the postcards, learning with the book, and play with the rest.  I can’t wait to see what future boxes from them bring us.  If you want to check them out and get your own box of goodies click here.


Mindfulness Box May 2017

Mindfulness Box is a monthly subscription that aims to promote mindfulness, inner peace & balance.  It contains 4-6 inspiring goods that have been carefully curated to bring you Zen and positivity.  There can be Holistic or Homeopathic health care products, handcrafted jewelry, or crystals.  They offer three diferent box types based on who is receiving the box, the standard box, a kids box, or a family box.  The standard and kids start at $29.00 and the family is $52.00 per month.  Boxes do go down slightly with longer plans and shipping to here was $15.00 a month.  This is one of the boxes I snagged on Mother’s Day at 50% off and is one I would normally not get due to the price.  I am excited to see what’s inside as the images of past boxes look great.

This is a teeny tiny box that was well packed and looked good upon opening. All the packing materials and the box are compostable or biodegradable.

They include an info card that tells you about the items and why they are included and what they will bring to you.  It also tells you the value of the items and where you can get them.


Bella Luna Luz Revitalize Crystal-Infused Organic Sugar Scrub-$14.00

The whole line of the Bella Luna Luz is infused with grapefruit, blood orange, and Buddha’s hand.  It smells amazing!  It is just this bright citrus scent that is so uplifting.  This scrub uses organic and fair trade sugar, essential oils, coconut oil, and quartz crystal dust to nourish and invigorate as you use it.  This will be a good addition to my showers.


Bella Luna Luz Revitalize Crystal Infused Aromatherapy Mist-$15.00

This mist is the same scent as above and that makes it really live up to the Awaken & Refresh that the bottle says.  It recommends that you keep this at your desk to give yourself a boost anytime you need it.  It actually has a chunk of crystal in it that you can hear and see when you give it a shake.


Bella Luna Luz Nourish Lip Balm-$3.50

This lip balm is made from sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera.  This one does not have the citrus scent that the others do but it feels vera soft and nice on my lips.


Spirit Animal Organic Fizzy Bath Bomb-$8.00

This is a crystal-infused essential oil bath bomb.  Somewhere in here, this will reveal my spirit animal and then I get to go online to get the description of and meaning of the animal.  It doesn’t tell me the scent of this one but it’s a pale green colour.


Double Terminated Quartz Point-$5.00

This crystal can absorb, amplify, and emit energy from both ends.  They are good for using to meditate and heal.  It also strengthens the aura and aligns the chakras.  It says you should clear these stones on a regular basis but doesn’t tell me how to do that.


Stash Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Tea

I love this kind of tea and am very happy to have these two teabags.  I think adding the tea is a good way to remind you to take a few moments for yourself and just be.

I have to say I”m very happy with my first box from them.  All of the items included definitely are geared to making me relax and step away from the crazy of life.  These things are all going to be used and hopefully, add to my life.  The value of this month was $45.50, which is very good for what I paid.



Sunday Mood Box June 2017

Sunday Mood is a monthly box that includes a mix of indie brands, vegan beauty lines, all natural bath & beauty products, handmade jewelry, cool niche household items, art, specialty teas, and healthy treats.  They offer to different sizes of box, a sample box that has 2-3 deluxe samples and 1 full-size item or the full-size box that contains 4-6 full-size products.  They are priced at $25 and $44 but do go down with longer plans.  Shipping to Canada is $10 per box.  This is another one I picked up on Mother’s Day for 50% off or I would never have given it a go.  There was an additional Customs charge when it arrived, so that is something to keep in mind if you order.

The box is fairly thin and has the name stamped on.  That paper you can see hanging down is the Customs form.  Once I opened it up, I could see it was well packed and the items had arrived safely snuggled in their squiggles.

They do include an info card in the box.  I’m not sure it the Gypsy is the theme or not but it could be.  On the back is the list of the items, the supplier, the value, and social media links for them.


Green Beau Tea Blend-$10.00

This is a tea blend of green tea, rose petals, and rose hips.  You can drink this as a tea, use it as a facial steam, or in a magic ritual if that’s your thing.  I have a cup of tea every night before bed and I have many tea balls to choose from to make this tea in.


Agate Clay Soap-$10.00

This soap is handmade using vegan ingredients and colours from plants or the earth.  This one has swirls of clay, spirulina, paprika, and indigo.  It smells slightly like pink grapefruit and will be a nice soap to use.


Eco Exotic Bronzer-$23.00

As you can see this opened slightly but it was sealed on the outside so there was no mess.  It is a bronzer powder but it has absolutely no shimmer at all.  I use all bronzers as blush since I cannot apply them as anything else.  This should give me a good tanned colour and hopefully look good.


Vegan Kabuki Brush-$15.00

This brush is made by the same company that does the bronzer and can easily be put to use with it.  It will also work for foundation, blush, or powder.  The bristles are very soft but still hold their shape well and don’t shed.


Cobalt Aura Quartz Crystal Necklace-$30.00

This necklace is beautiful.  It is a piece of raw cobalt crystal on a silver chain.  The crystal benefits the throat chakra and inspires creativity and healing.  Those both seem like a good combination to wear often.


Vegan Star Child Celestial Body Oil-$12.00

This blend of eight oils can be used as a bath additive or rubbed directly onto the body.  It helps to promote optimism and hope and to help you believe in your dreams.  I love the blue mica in it that will add shimmer.  It does absorb well and you don’t need a ton of it to cover an area.  It smells amazing!  I want to rub this all over my body!

I am so unbelievably impressed with this box!  All of the items this month are great and I can’t wait to use them.  The value for this month is $100.00.  That makes that Customs fee okay!  With the discount I got I feel like the Queen of the world with this one.  I love it!!!  If you go to check it out they do have a code on their site that says will get you some type of a discount upon checkout.

Rosalette Beauty Bag June 2017

Rosalette Beauty Bag is a monthly subscription that sends out makeup and beauty products.  They offer a few different plans, either 4 sample sized products or 5-6 products, mixed between sample and full sized.  Plans start at $13.90 a month and there are added shipping costs.  If you subscribe for a year there are discounts.  I have no beauty bags left in my sub rotation so I was on the lookout for a cheaper one to get me some fun things.  I chose the Deluxe Bag, which is the bigger of the two.  The do send out shipping notices so that’s nice and it turns out that they are a Canadian company too!!!!


They sent another gold bag out.  It fits well in the bubble mailer they ship it in.

They still didn’t have an info card in there but this time they did include a thank you and a reminder to share the on social media. #rosalettebeauty

Gold Eye Gels-$4.25

These are made by a brand I’ve never heard of but it seems to be all hand made and sold online.  These are used to help depuff and destress your eye area.  I like to use these as I can still go about what I’m doing and have them on.


Radiant Gold Leaf Highlighter-$22.00

This highlighter stick contains real gold leaf to add more shimmer to wherever you need it.  They recommend using this everywhere from your lips to your shoulders.  It blends well and leaves just a  dusting of glitter where you’ve rubbed it.  I love me some glitter and shimmer so this makes me happy.

Medusa’s Make-Up Blush in Dangerous Liason-$12.00

This is a vegan blush that is even pinker in person than it looks in the pictures.  I really don’t know if I’ll be able to pull this off.  It’s very much something that belongs in the 80’s and maybe should have stayed there.


MintPear C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum-$42.13

Holy Strawberries Batman, this stuff is expensive.  This serum seems to do just about everything.  It says it will reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, boost collagen, fade sun & age spots and improved skin firming, brightening, and tone for a smoother, fresher, more revitalized youthful complexion.  It is very thin and leaks out of this tube quickly.


Akar Skin Ruby Tint Lip Butter-$3.67

This is another new brand for me.  They are Tibetan inspired and natural.  There are no petroleum oils in this balm and is tinted with a root.  It feels great on my lips and the colour is very slight.

I am very happy with my second box from them.  There is a great mix of beauty products and they’ve given me the makeup I’ve been missing from my other boxes.  The value of this month is a whopping $84.05.  That is great and so much higher than the price of the box.  The shipping was quick as well since they are Canadian and only a province over from me.  If you want to try them out they have a coupon that will get you 10% off any subscription, just type ROSALETTE at checkout.

Real Soaps Soap Of The Month June 2017

Real Soaps is a company out of Chicago making handmade soaps and natural body care products.  They don’t use any sulphates, parabens, phthalates and are cruelty-free. They also have no dyes, preservatives, or artificial ingredients and only pure essential oils for scents.  I found them on Etsy but they also have a website.  You can buy individual soaps or they have six and twelve-month plans starting at $47.00 and shipping to Canada was under $20 for the whole term.  I’m not sure why I’m on a soap kick lately but they are fun to get.


They ship out this bar of soap in a bubble mailer.  They add the little Thank You on the back.

I love the care they take in the packaging of this soap.  It’s simple but so effective and I think it looks great.  The soap this month is Vetiver & Lemongrass.

This soap is the newest one they make.  According to their little card vetiver has many benefits.  It is an aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, sedative properties, stress and anxiety reduction, promotes the growth of new tissue, removes scars, and other skin marks.  This bar smells a little smokey to me and the lemongrass is barely there.  That may change once I actually use it and get a lather going though.

I am always looking for bath type products and soap is such an easy way to shake up your routine.  I tend to not share these with my family but it I find a scent that is too strong or not to my liking then I give it to my hubby who is less picky.  That won’t be happening with this one!