The Fan Empire May 2017

The Fan Empire is a monthly subscription that sends you out 4-6 pieces of fandom merchandise.  Items can be anything from posters to t-shirts and are based around a different theme each month.  Previous fandoms include The Hunger Games and Harry Potter.  Boxes start at $14.95 a month but do go down a little with a longer plan.  Shipping to Canada was $5.50.  I am always wary of the fandom boxes because if you get a month that is not one of yours then it can feel like a waste.  Let’s see how we get on with this one.


I was very surprised when this package showed up.  I had given up on ever getting any more from this company as my messages went unanswered and I haven’t received anything in months.


They do include an info card that tells you about where the items come from and what their values are.  It also tells you the theme, “Tale As Old As Time”.

Beauty and The Beast Coin Purse-$8.00

This is a small coin purse with a snap closure.  It is made from thicker vinyl and has the same image, just reversed, on each side.  It is nice and if you are a fan of the movie it would be a great memento.


Adjustable Enchanted Rose Ring-$6.00

This is quite cute.  I don’t get why they would have put the little white rocks in there as well as the rose but maybe I’m missing something having not seen this incarnation of the movie.  It is huge and decidedly not practical for everyday wear but would make a nice addition to a costume.


Chip Laser Cut Earrings Set-$10.00

How cute are these?  Chip is an underrated addition to the movie.  These are small enough to wear every day and will garner comments I’m sure.

Beauty And The Beat Double-sided Bookmark-$5.00

One can never have enough bookmarks.  I always have a stack of them handy.  This will get tons of use and it’s pretty too.


Beauty And The Beast Custom Postcard-$5.00

I always hate to include this in the value as it’s really the back of the info card.  I guess you could frame it if you were inclined but it is usually a little bent or damaged by the time it arrives.

Once again this one came really, really late.  She says she lets everyone on social media know and occasionally sends an email to subscribers to let them know the same thing.  I just expect them to be super late into the next month.  The value this month is $34.00.  There were a few things I really enjoyed this time.  I have no idea what will show up in this bag and the themes never match what the website says so I’ll wait and see.


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