MayaMade Herbal C.S.A Herb and Soap Of The Month March 2017

MayaMade is another of my Etsy finds.  They use Community Supported Agriculture model to produce and share their products.  Each month you will receive 2 bars of soap and one bonus bar in winter. All soaps are 7oz.  They are handcrafted with organic oils and botanicals.  You can also request them to send out specific soaps from their collection if you don’t want to have that surprise.  This one is $13.32 including shipping a month. Well, let’s see what soaps we ended up with this time.


Inside of a bubble mailer was this wrapped parcel of soap.


Water Deep-$9.09

What is up with all the patchouli this month?  This one is a patchouli and orange blend.  It also has some pink clay in it, which is giving it a slight pinkish tone near the top.  I don’t mind the smell, the orange cuts the patchouli really well so you won’t smell like a crazy hippy.


Solstice Night-$9.09

This one is lavender scented and I love it.  On the top of it, you can just see there are crumbled amber resin.  That in itself is very cool and with it being a smell I love, this bar is a win all around.

This one has the biggest soaps of all the ones I get.  The value is $18.18.  They have a few different plans if you want to get some of their other products as well.  I have no idea how we’re going to use all this soap up each month!

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