MayaMade Herbal C.S.A Herb and Soap Of The Month February, March, & April 2017

MayaMade is another of my Etsy finds.  They use Community Supported Agriculture model to produce and share their products.  Each month you will receive 2 bars of soap and one bonus bar in winter. All soaps are 7oz.  They are handcrafted with organic oils and botanicals.  You can also request them to send out specific soaps from their collection if you don’t want to have that surprise.  This one is $13.32 including shipping a month. Well, let’s see what soaps we ended up with this time.

They once again missed sending a box to me so, but a quick email to the seller on Etsy and they shipped me out a few months at the same time.  I have no idea which soaps belong to each month so I’ll just lay them out here in the order I pulled them out of the bag.


Kaolin & Peppermint Soap-$9.09

This soap smells nice.  It’s not heavy on the peppermint but still has something other than a soap scent.  This one is going to be on the keeper list.


Rosemary & Mint Seaweed Soap-$9.09

This soap has a hint of green to it from the seaweed but still has the peppermint scent to it.  The rosemary makes it a comforting smell to me and I like it.


Activated Charcoal Soap-$9.09

Activated charcoal is great for detoxing so this soap not only cleans your skin but is good for it as well.  This is a whole body soap and will leave you soft and moisturized.

This one has the biggest soaps of all the ones I get.  The value is $27.27.  They have a few different plans if you want to get some of their other products as well.  I have no idea how we’re going to use all this soap up each month!


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