Geek Fuel April 2017

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box that caters to the nerds, geeks, and gamers.  Every month they ship out a t-shirt, games, and collectibles.  There is a code for a downloadable game, exclusive gear, everyday items, and some neat collectibles.  This is actually a box that ships from the UK, so I have high hopes of fueling my Doctor Who and Sherlock obsessions.  Boxes start at $29.90 a month, shipping included.  I had held off on getting this one for a long time because that is higher than I like to spend on a box a month but then it showed up on Groupon so I jumped on it.  You got a welcome box plus three months of regular Geek Fuel boxes for $75.00.  The deal doesn’t seem to be on anymore but I would keep checking if you’re interested since they do get repeated occasionally.

There was not much I could see about this box for the first peek.  There might be cool things but I didn’t want to get my hopes up as this box hasn’t been all that great for me.


They put a mini mag in the box each month.  It has articles, reviews, and some advertising for upcoming games.

They also have an info card that details all the items you will find inside your box, including any variations that might have been sent out.


Epic Enamels Power Edition Yellow Rover Pin

These pins have been in every box I’ve received from them and they are a waste for me.  I toss them right into the donation box in my house.  This month you could receive one of six possible colours, covering the Power Rangers.


Starward Rogue Downloadable Steam Game

The game this month is about wandering through catacombs looking for an AI named Rodney.  It says there are multiple levels of difficulty, dozens of bosses, and hundreds of items and rooms to play in.  I’ve downloaded the other games they’ve sent out and they are okay to play, I just don’t have the time.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Limited Edition Print

I received the red version of this but there is also a rare green edition.  I love Guardians, so this is really a super thing for me to get.  I will need to find a frame for this but it can join all the other fan art that I’ve received in boxes.

Magical Elixer Potion Lamp

This is rather awesome!  It has a light in the base that changes colours and causes the potion container to vary in shade as it changes.  I love this and I will have to make space on a shelf for it somewhere. This is awesome!!!!


Inverse Univers Tee Shirt

OMG!!!!!! IT”S GROOT!!!!!!!  I love Groot. I love Groot no matter what size he is.  This shirt makes this box.  It has the outer image of Rocket riding on Groot, as it was in the first movie, and Groot riding Rocket, as it is in the current one.  So happy.

This is my last box of the Groupon I got and it is easily the best!  Three out of the five items are amazing.   I can say that I’m very glad I got this at a discount instead of buying it as a regular box.  The items are interesting but not really for me.  It is more geared to gamers I think.  I can say that after getting this box I would not renew it.

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