Bitchy Box TOM April 2017

Bitchy Box is a TOM box with a difference.  They don’t provide feminine hygiene items, but instead items to help you get through that time of the month.  They will fill the box with a variety of sweet treats, salty snacks, and handpicked gifts.  They endeavor to make sure you don’t stab anyone while you are riding some fun hormonal shifts.  They have 3,6, or 12-month plans available, starting at $66.00, plus shipping to Canada.  I had seen some other people’s boxes from them and thought they looked fun so I’m trying them out.

This box is so fun to get each month!  It’s completely useless from a practical standpoint but the joy it brings to me with the things in it makes it so worth it.

They have an info card in the box.  On the front, it has the theme, Womb Warrior, and the list of items included.  The middle and back have recipes for drinks and food that would be perfect for that time.

Harebrained “Fire & Blood” Period Panties-$12.00

These are a play on Game Of Thrones and they are fantastic.  While I know that I might eventually get bored, so far getting two pairs of these has been amazing!  They are a great panty and give you the granny panty you want for that week but with a super fun design that shows your personality.

Miss Selby’s Soap Dragon’s Blood Bath Bomb-$7.00

I love bath bombs and this one is a big one.  It is a blend of amber, incense, vanilla, patchouli, rose, jasmine, and lilac.  It says it will turn your water a deep red/black colour.  It has skin softening oils in it and says it will add a glow to it as well.


Hot Tamales Licorice Bites-$?

These are something I’ve never seen before but I think I will like them.  I’m hoping they are going to be like a Big Foot candy.  I enjoy licorice in all it’s forms so this is a good addition to the box for me.


I Heart Guts Uterus Sticker-$0.47

This sticker is so awesome.  I really don’t know where I can use it but I want to.  It’s very fun.


Ferrara Candy Atomic Fireballs-$0.23 x 6

I have had these candies before but they are not my favourite.  These will be put aside until that one day when I have nothing else to satisfy any sugar cravings.

This month had another great selection of things.  I think that they really nailed the theme this month!  Everything in the box is made to make you feel better and less worked up about things that may go on for this time of the month.  The value this month is $20.85 plus the licorice.  That is less than I pay for the box, which is disappointing but is starting to be a pattern.

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