Bitchy Box TOM February 2017

Bitchy Box is a TOM box with a difference.  They don’t provide feminine hygiene items, but instead items to help you get through that time of the month.  They will fill the box with a variety of sweet treats, salty snacks, and handpicked gifts.  They endeavor to make sure you don’t stab anyone while you are riding some fun hormonal shifts.  They have 3,6, or 12-month plans available, starting at $66.00, plus shipping to Canada.  I had seen some other people’s boxes from them and thought they looked fun so I’m trying them out.

I had to show you all the sides of the box!  This did come wrapped in a plain brown paper wrapping so my mailman isn’t going to think I’m too crazy but the box is just fun.

Inside was a mix of things I couldn’t really see too well and an info card.  The card doesn’t tell you anything about what you’ll find inside but does let you know why you’re getting it and when you can expect your shipments.


First out we have this gum.  Half of me wants to never eat it and just leave it around to warn people.  In my old job, this would have been right on my desk but I don’t think my new office will be quite accepting.  This is fruit flavoured and has eight pieces inside.

How fun is the label on this soap?  This is their Sugar Cereal Coma soap.  It is handmade and the directions do remind you not to eat it.  It smells like Fruity Pebbles cereal and I think that would be a great thing to shower with.  I’m not sharing this one.


This cute little lined notebook is perfectly pursed sized.  It has a title that fits perfectly with how you can feel at certain times and instead of saying them out loud and getting into trouble, now you can just write it down and be safe with your murderous urges rants.


Now, this is a very useful item to have around when getting that special time.  Chocolate, almonds, and sea salt make me very happy and truly do lessen some of the parts of life that can make me cray-cray.  My husband is aware of what happens if he eats my food for a week each month and now knows to stay out of my special stash.


This is the best change purse ever.  I will be using it and I don’t care if I offend somebody.  Put on your big girl panties and mind your own business!  It’s made of recycled materials and has the same image on both sides.  Bitches Rule!


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……..sour straws!  I rarely buy these anymore but I love them.  This package did have a slight tear in it but I think it was just from something in the box sitting on it funny in transit.  These will join the stash as well.


Last out we have a zombie sleep mask.  I really do not need another sleep mask at all but this one is perfect for how I feel some mornings.  I use them in the summer because I have only partial blinds in the bedroom and it can get bright when the sun comes up.  Also, this one will be fun to put on and terrify Hubs with while he’s half asleep.  It’s the perfect thing to bring me joy.

For my first Bitchy Box, I’m really happy.  They had a fun bunch of things inside it and they definitely including things to help get though with more fun and laughter than yelling and tears.  I can’t wait to see what things they come up with in the next few months.

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