Esthoria Box February 2017

Esthoria Box is a bi-monthly box that ships out either a Beauty box or a Lifestyle box.  The products included are green products and help to remove toxins and negative chemicals from your life.  The Beauty box is $89.00 and the Lifestyle is $29.00.  Both options have added shipping costs.  You can choose to pay per box, a six-month term, or a twelve-month term.  Prices are in Canadian dollars.  If you go with one of the longer terms you actually meet their free shipping threshold and so shipping is not charged.  I am alway happy to find a new Canadian box.  The Beauty box is out of my price range so I went with the Lifestyle one.  Time to see what they’ve sent out.

The box was marked fragile but once you picked it up it made a rather horrible sound.  A corner of it was wet as well but it was snowing when this arrived so I didn’t think much of it beyond that.  Once I got the first look, things all seemed okay so I dug in.  They don’t include any info on what will be inside.


Ever Bamboo Room Deodorizer + Dehumidifier-$9.99

Inside this pouch is a bag filled with bamboo charcoal.  You place it in a room up to 100sqft and it will absorb the smells and dampness into it.  You can use it for up to a year by simply placing it in the sun for a few hours once a month and it will reactivate.  I have a room in mind for this already!  This is a great start to this box.

Really Great Goods 100% Natural Room Spray-$16.00

So it turns out it might not have been the snow that made the box wet.  There is good news in this though. After an email to them and sending them a picture of the broken bottle, they shipped me out a new one that arrived in perfect shape.  This spray is nice.  It’s not overpowering or fake smelling like they sometimes are.  Oddly for a lavender scented item, it says it is invigorating.  It must be the lime added in.  I think I’ll keep this one for the bedroom.


Ola Bamboo Toothbrush-2 x $4.99

With four people brushing teeth in this house, anytime we get more toothbrushes it’s a win.  These ones have a bamboo handle with nylon bristles.  They are both soft, which is my preferred option.  The boxes are a little messed up from the leak but there is nothing wrong with the brushes themselves.


Enviro Glass Straw Pack-$17.99

I have a glass straw I got from an American company and now I have a few more from a Canadian one.  These ones come with a cleaning brush, which is awesome.  I don’t let the kids use them not because I think they’ll bite them or anything but I fear they may drop them and then I’ll be sad.  You can use these in hot or cold drinks and they are dishwasher safe.


Mabu Multi Cloth-2 x $5.33

These are reusable cloths made of wood.  They don’t stain or smell or have bacteria lingering.  You can use them to clean anything from dishes to yourself.  Once you get them dirty you wash and dry them like a regular towel and keep on using them.  My husband has a love affair with paper towels so maybe these can finally break him of the habit.

This box was good. I’m very happy with the customer service I received as well.  The five items included this month have a value of $64.62.  All of the items are from Canadian companies, which is awesome.  This is one that I’m going to enjoy I think.  It fills the void in the Canadian market left by HouseBox shutting down.  Maybe in the future, I’ll give the beauty box a try to see if it’s as good.


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