Geek Fuel March 2017

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box that caters to the nerds, geeks, and gamers.  Every month they ship out a t-shirt, games, and collectibles.  There is a code for a downloadable game, exclusive gear, everyday items, and some neat collectibles.  This is actually a box that ships from the UK, so I have high hopes of fueling my Doctor Who and Sherlock obsessions.  Boxes start at $29.90 a month, shipping included.  I had held off on getting this one for a long time because that is higher than I like to spend on a box a month but then it showed up on Groupon so I jumped on it.  You got a welcome box plus three months of regular Geek Fuel boxes for $75.00.  The deal doesn’t seem to be on anymore but I would keep checking if you’re interested since they do get repeated occasionally.

20170310_175836The box was pretty full this month.  I couldn’t see much beyond the magazine so there are hidden surprises everywhere.


The Geek Fuel Magazine has articles that are about upcoming games, gift guides, and stories.

There is an info card that is separate from the magazine.  It tells you about the items you can expect to uncover.


Epic Enamels Pin Stranger Edition

I don’t watch Stranger Things so this is doubly a disappointment for me.  I don’t like the pins they include but at least if they were something I cared about it would be sorta okay.


Archibald’s Adventure Downloadable Steam Game

I haven’t downloaded it yet but it looks like a fun game.  You are trapped in your professor’s mansion after an experiment goes wrong and you need to beat 190 levels to get out and save you both.

Hero in Training Poster Print

This is so cute!!!! It has a baby Batman playing with his toys!  There was a limited edition blue caped version too but I got the regular.  I think I’ll hang this in the girls’ room since they love superheroes.  It came with a Certificate of Authenticity as well.


Nuka-World Amusements Prize Giveaway Ticket

This ticket has a code on the back I can enter to see if I’ve won a prize.

8-Bit Sword Portable Charger

Can I say that I’m in love with this thing???  I have a portable charger but it’s plain and boring and not a Link sword.  It comes with a cable from USB to microUSB and that’s all.  I am so happy right now!


Nuka-World Amusements Women’s T-Shirt

Nuka-World is a location in Fall Out 4.  I know nothing about it but I like the shirt.  The colour and logo are great and I will wear this shirt.  I just have to hope no one asks me about it 🙂

I think I might be disappointed with this box.  This month is better than last, saved by the charge and poster.  I can say that I’m very glad I got this at a discount instead of buying it as a regular box.  The items are interesting but not really for me.  It is more geared to gamers I think.  I have one more boxes before my plan runs out so  I hope they get better!



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